Recipe of the Week: Coconut & Carrot Soup

cleaneating_soup_01 When we are keeping things clean, soup is always a good go-to dish. Even though it is summer here in Australia, who says you can’t have soup all year round? And, let’s be honest, you just cannot beat that comforting feeling of a hearty, nourishing soup.

The key nourishing ingredient in this soup is the coconut. The fats in coconut are mostly saturated (short-chain), allowing it to be easily absorbed, digested and used (and not retained in the body). Coconut fat is extremely nourishing and said to improve immunity, assist insulin sensitivity (high blood sugar levels) and boost metabolism. By being highly saturated, it also means coconut is an extremely stable fat –meaning it can be heated at high temperatures without causing damage to the oil and your body (causing free radicals, trans fats etc.). When choosing coconut oil, choose extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil to ensure you are getting the best quality.

This all-season soup uses simple, healthy ingredients and is delicious hot or cold. Throw it in a cute glass jar and drink cold when on the go, or curl up on the couch on the weekend served warm with a great book. Bliss.
These 4 ingredients give this soup a little bit of spice, and everything nice…

Enjoy this soup hot or cold, all year round!

What is your go-to soup for comfort?
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