The Ultimate Clean Eating Shopping List


For those of you scratching your head in the food aisle, with absolutely NO idea what you should fill your basket with… this list is for you! Or if you’re wanting to clean up your diet, but don’t really know where to begin, our food shopping tips will definitely help you out.

The problem is – we’re so spoiled for choice at the supermarket. Each and every time we take a trip to the grocery store, there’s a hot new health product or a fancy superfood that we ‘must buy’. It can get a little overwhelming at times. So, we’ve asked Rhi (our LJ Active Chef) to talk us through some of the key essentials you need when keeping things clean in the kitchen.

At MNB, we believe in eating for wellness. We opt for nutritionally sound, sustainable and ethical food choices that make us feel good. We’ve spoken about clean eating before, as well as the art of eating sensibly. We’ve even gone as far as giving you a 7-day guide to eating completely clean. Now, we want to help some more. Here’s our ultimate clean eating shopping list to help make your shopping trips easier and your eating habits that little bit cleaner.



Remember, please do not feel pressured to get everything on this list. We know that eating healthy can be a little bit expensive, so, for those of you on a budget, why not choose some staple pieces and seasonal fruit and vegetables first time around. As for the extra goodies? You can purchase these gradually.

Any questions about the list above? Leave your questions in the comment box below!