S.O.S Survival Snacks


Ditch the thought of having naughty nourishment guilt when you’re craving an afternoon delight and try these delectable and delicious MNB approved S.O.S snacks!

Are you guilty of seeking consolidation in that teeny blue berry and white choc muffin, or a fun size candy bar? Or even that itty-bitty packet of potato chips?


These trans-fat, gluten and sugar riddled foods will send your blood sugar levels to a rockin’ high and give you a quick rush of energy – but that energy will soon fall and you’ll be even hungrier than before. Not mention these foods are just plain bad and boring – you know it too, but you’re out of ideas for a healthy, tasty snack, am I right?

MNB Snacking 101 tip: when you include healthy fats and protein in your meals and snacks – you are more likely to be full and satisfied and not to mention totally healthified!


Now the good news… We’ve got you covered with endless choices to pair together to create a work of wholesome art. There’s something for everyone too, from sweet to savoury, sour and salty but most of all protein packed to keep you going. It won’t break the budget either – bring the ingredients with you and assemble later. We’ve put the best combos together to make the perfect MNB medley for any craving capacity!


Which snack will suit your mood today?



Tell us which ones you loved adding to your MNB routine!

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