Celebrate Friendship Day with this Buddy Workout

Happy International Friendship Day!!!!


And what better way to celebrate than to workout with your BFF!?

The one and only Alexa Towersey has put together the ultimate Buddy Workout with Tahlia Giumelli to show you just how much fun it is to workout with your bestie. 







Complete 5 Rounds


Each partner should complete all the reps of the first exercise 5 times in total.

In between each set, while your buddy is completing the exercises, take the complete rest or the “active rest” option.


30 secs Squats/ 30 secs rest OR Squat Hold. 


30 secs Mountain Climber/30 secs rest OR Straight Arm Plank Hold. 


30 secs Glute Bridge/30 secs rest OR Glute Bridge Hold. 


30 secs Flutter Kicks/30 secs rest OR Plank Hold (bent arms). 


30 secs Prone Y Back Extensions/30 secs rest. 


30 secs Burpee/30 secs rest OR wall sit. 



Who is going to be your workout buddy??