Work It Out With This Wednesday Workout

Let’s get mid-week motivated with this Wednesday workout that will test your fitness and increase tone all over your body. Join Dani Bonnor in the Lorna Jane studio for a weighted workout routine designed with the everyday active girl in mind.

Lorna Jane: The Everyday Active Workout from Lorna Jane Active on Vimeo.

Dumbbell front squat
Keep your knees in line with your feet
Keep your core engaged
Rest the dumbbells on your shoulders
X 20

Unilateral Squat Press
Keep your core engaged to reduce the arch in your back
Drive up with your legs
X 12 each arm

Sumo Squat
Add dumbbell for challenge
Go deep
Turn your feet out
X 20

Renegade Row
Keep your elbows in
Add stability to your posture by taking a wide stance with your feet
Engage your core to prevent your hips twisting
X 12

Squat Pulse
Get low
Take your thighs below 90 degrees for an extra challenge
Keep your pulses small
Pulse for 30 seconds each set 30 sec

Woman Maker
Keep breathing
Perfect your technique
X 8

X 2 for a good work out or X 3 for an added challenge!