Want to strengthen and sculpt your body?



Are you in? Get ready for the 2017 Summer Shape Up Series with Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness! Starting Monday July 31st, you will get 4 weeks of body sculpting workouts, healthy recipes and tons of motivation to help you Move, Nourish & Believe this summer!


Over the next 4 weeks you’ll gain new confidence and strength as you sculpt and shape your entire body. Sign-up today and commit! When you do, you’ll get your Sweat Starter with a sneak peek at the LSF Hot Body Sweat Guide & Meal Plans!


Your Guide To Getting Started!


  1. Make sure to download you LSF SWEAT STARTER now so you have all the tools you need to take this challenge next level! Plus, there are some sample days from the Hot Body Guides in there for you too!
  2. Make sure you are following @LoveSweatFitness + @LornaJaneUS + @LornaJaneActive on Instagram.
  3. Grab Your Hot Body Meal Plan to see the BIGGEST changes over these 4 weeks.


How Does the Challenge Work?


On Sunday, July 30th you will receive an email with your Week 1 Workout Schedule.


Make sure you check back every Sunday for your Weekly Workout Schedule. You will get an easy to follow workout schedule that tells you exactly what to do each day. No need to figure it out on your own babe. We’ve got you!


Remember, you can make these workout work for you! If you’re doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide add these into your routine when it works for you. If you feel like hitting a barre class or kick boxing with friends, go for it. We want you to get fit & have fun doing it!


Motivation from all over the world!


You don’t have to do this alone! There are thousands of girls doing it with you and we all need support! Check-in daily with your sweaty selfies, meals, motivation and everything else that is inspiring you to keep on pushin’. Tag @LoveSweatFitness + @LornaJaneUS and use the hashtag #LSFSummerShapeUp to connect with everyone in the LSF community!


New YouTube Videos 2x Each Week!


Each week you will have a mix of workouts designed to tone your entire body. Head over to YouTube to SUBSCRIBE to the LoveSweatFitness channel so you don’t miss a sweat sesh!



Weekly Sound-Off Prizes & MAJOR Grand Prize for #LSFprogress Pictures  


Each week you’ll have a chance to win AMAZING prizes from Lorna Jane & Love Sweat Fitness! One babe will also win the GRAND PRIZE which will be announced at the end of the 4 week series ($500 Lorna Jane Gift Card, LSF Hot Body Bundle & TONS of gear from both LJ and LSF!!)


How To Be Entered to Win?


Check-in daily on Instagram

  • The more you post, the more chances you have to win!
  • Sound-Off each day and tag @LoveSweatFitness + @LornaJaneUS
  • Use the hashtag #LSFSummerShapeUp


Progress photos


  • Take these on day 1
  • Take the second photo on the last day of the challenge (August 27th)
  • You MUST share on Instagram, tag @LoveSweatFitness + @LornaJaneUS to be entered to win the Grand Prize
  • Use the hashtag #LSFSummerShapeUp #LSFhotbody
  • Email your progress pictures to progress@lovesweatfitness.com by Sunday September 3rd, 2017

It takes a lot of courage to take before photos, let alone share them! One of the best ways to support each other is by opening up and being real about where you’re at and where you’re going. Commit to yourself and this challenge right now and take those pictures babe! Let’s do this!


So Are You Ready?


We want you to do 2 things before we start:

  1. Invite your friends and commit to yourself for the next 4 weeks! You’ve got your daily workouts, LSF fresh and healthy recipes and #TEAMLSF here for you babe!


2. Screenshot this graphic and post it on Instagram to show everyone you’re doing the Summer Shape Up with us! Tag @lovesweatfitness @lornajaneus and use the hashtag #LSFSummerShapeUp