Watch The New Active Living Video

Active Living. Those two-words that echo through Lorna Jane as frequently as Kale or Raw Caramel Slice (we kid, we kid). In all honesty, Active Living is the reason we exist. The reason why we come to work each day, and create inspiring content for you to read and digest. We know how GREAT it feels to live active, and how the daily practise of Move Nourish Believe can transform your life, and it turns out our fit friends overseas do too. 

This latest video comes from Lorna Jane Europe, and it so SPOT ON we just had to share it with you. In this MOVING motion video we see Active Living in a whole new light, and the sheer beauty it can bring to your world. 


– Great things come to those who Move Nourish Believe daily

– Life is about creating your own special recipe 

– Be grateful for every day, each moment 

– Do what makes you happy 

– Keep it simple!

– Give more of yourself today, to create a better tomorrow 

– Be an example 

– Create a life that makes you want to jump up and get out of bed of a morning 

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