This is why you should do Pilates


If you’re on the lookout for some new #fitspo look no further than Sylvia Roberts. The ex-professional ballerina is the owner of Vie Pilates on the Gold Coast and is serious move goals. We were lucky enough to head down to her breathtakingly beautiful studio to see her in action and talk all things Move Nourish and Believe… 


Have you always been into health and wellness, or was there a catalyst that inspired you?


The catalyst that started my love for health and fitness was ballet. I started dancing when I was 14 years old, which is extremely late for a dancer! After years of training I became a professional ballet dancer and worked with two international ballet companies.


What was is that started your love of Pilates? 


My love of Pilates began when I started my dance training. I was given a book on the Classical Pilates Method which shaped the way I stayed in condition while I was dancing. I found Pilates to be perfect for maintaining my body while I was going through periods of intense training as well as the off periods.




What’s your philosophy when it comes to health? 


There is more to your body than what you can see in the mirror! I feel like there’s too much emphasis in the health and fitness industry on how we look and not enough focus on how we feel. Generally speaking, if we feel good on the inside we look good on the outside, but that doesn’t always work the other way around.


What are your favourite ways to:




Pilates, Pilates and more Pilates! 

I feel that a lot of people only see Pilates as an accessory exercise. While it can be great to compliment your existing exercise program, if you have a deep understanding of the Pilates Method and the way it works, there’s enough richness and variability in Pilates alone to last a lifetime. 




I’m lucky as my husband was a qualified chef and takes care of my nutrition – he stops me from eating tuna on toast every night.. I couldn’t cook to save myself! smile




It was Joseph Pilates that said “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” . I believe in this, and also his words “The mind when housed within a healthy body possesses a glorious sense of power.”


What’s your favourite way to indulge?


Red wine, dark chocolate and cheese. But not necessarily in that order.






You’re an inspiration to so many, but who inspires you the most?


Brooke Siler and Kathy Ross Nash. They are both authors, and genuine Pilates experts who have inspired me for many years now. 


What motivates you on those inevitable ‘off days’ we all have? 


I’m a big believer in the saying ’The more we do the more we can do! If we don’t continue to do the things we’re capable of doing then pretty soon we won’t be able to do them at all. It is kind of a ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’ mentality which in a nutshell is just about holding yourself accountable and staying as active as you can – even if it’s just ten minutes of stretching. Everything counts.




What do you love most about Pilates?


This is a difficult question to answer, and over the years I would have given a different answer every time! I would say at this stage the thing that appeals to me most about Pilates is its versatility. If I want it to be a hardcore, skull and crossbones workout, it can be. If I’ve injured myself and need something more mindful and rehabilitative it can be that too.The Pilates Method is great for developing strength and mobility, as well as the development of body awareness, and after all: “There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy” (Friedrich Nietzsche).


Why should everyone try a class at Vie Pilates?


Everyone should try a class with us because we love our clients! Each client works on their own customised program with a focus on individual goals and progression in mind. We keep our class sizes small so as to give everyone individual attention and never teach cookie-cutter routines on reformers where everyone in the class does the same workout. All our clients are taught by either myself or my husband, so we are basically a family owned and operated business. 




To find out more about Vie Pilates, visit their website or instagram