This is how fitness professionals workout

Have you ever wondered how fitness professionals work out? You know, the ones who seem to incur a sick pleasure from torturing you when they insist you do one final round of burpees, that you’re almost positive will actually kill you. Well you don’t have to wonder anymore, because we got the inside scoop on what workouts get their blood pumping and heart racing… 


Lauren Hannaford @LozHannaford 




“I love to keep fit by doing body weight interval training, aka FHIT (functional high intensity training). I love it because it is a great all over body workout which creates strength, mobility, cardio and core.

I do FHIT most days, but when I want to mix things up I like running because it’s so good for my mind and it makes me feel incredibly energised for the whole day. ”


Mel Corlett @women.of.treign




“My favourite way to keep fit is definitely strength training … I especially love squats! Lifting heavy weight challenges me mentally just as much as it does physically. It forces me to speak positivity into every movement I do… so I always leave these sessions feeling confident & empowered! And of course I find it’s also the best way to keep my body strong, healthy and full of energy.”


Melissa Becejski @hashtagbonditrainer




“I like to keep fit in a number of ways, essentially having a more balanced approach when it comes to exercise. I always say to myself and to my clients that too much of one thing (in terms of exercise) isn’t always a good thing.


I make sure I always include resistance training 4-5 times a week mostly in the form of free weights, cables and bodyweight exercises. I tend to do a lot of unilateral (single sided) exercises that help challenge and strengthen my stability, my neural pathways and overall balance. I’ll always mix in 20-30 mins of “cardio” with either running, skipping or rowing. It all really depends on my mood, how my body is feeling and how much time I have!


For my sanity and the ultimate endorphin rush I do muay thai and boxing 1-2 times a week. I also am a huge fan of Barre Attack as it allows me to work on my strength through small, targeted movements as well as my cardio through the cardio bursts that are prescribed. It’s a tough class! I love it.”


Jess Robinson @lazyfitgirl 




“For me, 2017 is all about enjoying my workouts, and I’ve become borderline obsessed with Reformer Pilates over the past few months! It’s such a great way to target the core and all of those little muscles that HIIT and running (my other two fave forms of exercise) just don’t get into. There’s so much variety in every single session too, so it’s impossible to get bored!


I highly recommend it as a complementary workout to anyone who tends to focus on big muscles movements and high intensity sessions.”


Kate Kendall @theactiveyogi




I love a balanced a complete fitness regime which is what we encourage at Flow Athletic and includes strength, fitness and mobility (yoga). I’m most passionate about yoga – not only because it makes me feel good but it’s essential for my mental health. 


My approach to yoga is down to earth, light-hearted and fun. I get a kick out of creating soul-expanding experiences for both myself, the people who take my classes, participate in my yoga teacher trainings and any of the events I teach at. 

I’ve been lucky enough to co-create the increasingly popular, unique and first of it’s kind, ‘Flow After Dark, Yoga Silent Disco’ events around Australia – which is really lighting me up.


The events consist of a 90 minute vinyasa style yoga class taken by myself and DJ James Mack. Guests wear noise cancelling headphones which will allows yogis to really connect with the class and the music for the most zen night out yet.