The secret to Lorna’s Abs



It’s no secret that here at LJ HQ, our #girlboss Lorna Jane Clarkson serves us up some serious inspo on the daily – she truly is a walking, talking inspiration station. From nourishing recipes right through to motivational mantras, we always know exactly who to turn to when we’re feeling a little lackluster – and now, just to truly cement this notion, she’s also taken up residence as our official ab’spiration too! 


What uncanny timing considering the fact that we’re now in the midst of the MNB April Ab Challenge (if you haven’t downloaded it already, find it here). So naturally to give you a bit of inspiration and motivation to keep on tracking along, we thought what better time to share Lorna’s go-to Ab Workout – easy to tack onto the end of any workout, or even perfect for a quick workout of its own.


So if you want to know the secret to Lorna’s abs, we’re revealing them in the video below!











What’s your favourite go-to ab exercise that helps keep your core in check? Let us know in the comments below.