Run Girl Run! The Running Plan You Need


Who run the word? Girls!

Literally… statistics over the past few years are showing that women entering competitive races are on the rise  and this is a trend that’s only picking up speed! 
And it’s easy to see why. Running has an amazing, supportive community and it’s one of the most accessible sports out there – no matter where you are or how long you have, all you need are your trainers and a supportive sports bra and you’re good to go! 
TBH, I’m also on board for the free t-shirts and high fives from strangers … but that’s just me ;) 
Whether you’re a Park Run Princess, hardcore Ultra Marathoner or just finding your feet when it comes to running, this Treadmill workout from the running queens, SISSFIT is the perfect plan no matter what your goals are. Plus, it’s indoors so is a great way to beat bad weather or to mix in with your outdoor sessions. 

So, Run Girl Run!! Woman Running on Apple

Whether you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, want to improve race times, or simply want an efficient fat burning workout that won’t bore you to death, this Accelerate Treadmill Workout is sure to do the trick! 
With constantly changing speeds and inclines this workout will hold your attention while burning fat and building lean muscle.  Before you know it you’ll be done and left feeling a true sense of accomplishment!  All you have to do is find a treadmill and get started!
As for how often, we suggest 1-3 x per week depending on how often you run. 

Click here to download the workout!

We sell a full 4-week Accelerate guide with 3 workouts per week and this is a sample workout for that. It’s done really well for us for 3 reasons: dropping race times, burning stubborn fat because of the high intensity aspect, and staying indoors during extreme weather..
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We’re sisters, certified fitness trainers, sports models, and former Division 1 Track and Field athletes.  With an extensive background in sports and fitness, in addition to a first-hand understanding of hectic and demanding careers, we joined forces to bring you our realistic and effective approach to everyday working out.   

After successful high school careers, we were both awarded athletic scholarships to run Division 1 Track and Field. We competed at the University of California Irvine, where we each graduated with 4-year scholar-athlete honors, holding track and field school records.

Upon graduation we pursued individual career paths before gravitating back to our love for fitness and beginning the creation of SISSFiT!