The Lorna Jane Squat Challenge: Be Motivated To Move This July!

July_Squat_Challenge_banner2So, we’re in the thick of winter, which typically means a whole lot of hibernation and lazing about…but not for us at Lorna Jane land. We know that now is the most crucial time to keep that motivational fire in our belly alive and keep a ‘don’t stop moving’ type attitude [cue SClub7 hit circa 2001].

You know that saying, “summer bodies are built in winter”? Yeah we know it too well, however it does hold some merit. Despite the crisp mornings, and frequent down pour of rain, it does not excuse us to force our progress to a screeching halt, nor is it a time to throw in the towel or say things like, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll just wear a baggy sweater all winter”.

Our health is not something that should be compromised, especially when the temperature drops a couple of notches. So, let’s motivate one another to keep moving! To inspire you to LIVE ACTIVE this winter, and because we know you LOVE squats, we are launching a July Squat Challenge; A 31-Day guide to encourage you to get low and tone that beautiful body of yours.

Let’s banish those excuses for good and be motivated to move this July and beyond!

Who’s with us?

July_Squat_Challenge_300Show us you are on board & simply snap your squat pics and use the #LJSQUAT!