Taking on a Marathon? 26.2 Reasons To Believe You Can Do It!

Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat, and if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that finishing the race is accomplished just as much with your mind muscles as it is with your leg muscles.

First time marathoner or seasoned pro, all runners face a constant mental battle to keep on moving through to the final mile. But don’t you worry girl, we’ve got your back for your next Marathon with inspirational quotes and power songs (find our killer playlist in full below) for every mile along the way! Think of it as your little mental water breaks along the way.
So go on fit friends, stretch it out, get moving on race day and find the strength to get you to the finish line.


Mile 1

Your Song: Bruno Mars “Runaway Baby” Your Mantra:


Mile 2

Your Song: Arcade Fire: “You Already Know” Your Mantra:


Mile 3

Your Song: Big Boi, BoB, Wavves “Shoes For Running” Your Mantra:


Mile 4

Your Song: Electric Guest “This Head I Hold” Your Mantra:


Mile 5

Your Song: The Postal Service “Such Great Heights” Your Mantra:

MNB RunningALL

Mile 6

Your Song: Raphael Saadiq “Keep Marchin'” Your Mantra:

MNB RunningALL3

Mile 7

Your Song: Broken Bells “The High Road” Your Mantra:

MNB RunningALL4

Mile 8

Your Song: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “Don’t Tell Me” Your Mantra:


Mile 9

Your Song: OutKast “Hey Ya!” Your Mantra:


Mile 10

Your Song: Robyn “Be Mine!” Your Mantra:


Mile 11

Your Song: Beck & David Campbell “Gamma Ray” Your Mantra:


Mile 12

Your Song: Ellie Goulding “Burn” Your Mantra:

MNB RunningALL2

Mile 13

Your Song: Tennis “Robin” Your Mantra:


Mile 14

Your Song: Peaking Lights “Beautiful Son” Your Mantra:


Mile 15

Your Song: Young The Giant “I Got” Your Mantra:


Mile 16

Your Song: Cayucas “Swimsuit” Your Mantra:


Mile 17

Your Song: Jay-Z & Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” Your Mantra:


Mile 18

Your Song: Phoenix “Run Run Run” Your Mantra:


Mile 19

Your Song: Pharrell Williams “Happy” Your Mantra:


Mile 20

Your Song: Flume, Jezzabell Doran “Sleepless” Your Mantra:


Mile 21

Your Song: Porcelain Raft “Drifting In And Out” Your Mantra:


Mile 22

Your Song: Janelle Monae “Tightrope” Your Mantra:


Mile 23

Your Song: Washed Out “Feel It All Around” Your Mantra:


Mile 24

Your Song: Lorde “Million Dollar Bills” Your Mantra:


Mile 25

Your Song: M.I.A. “Paper Planes” Your Mantra:


Mile 26 (+.2)

Your Song: Alicia Keys “Superwoman” Your Mantra:



Get your move on!  Populate your marathon playlist with these 26.2 jams, perfectly tuned to 155-180bpm to pace you at an 8 minute mile.  We’ll be rooting for you girl!
  1. Robyn: “Be Mine!”
  2. Peaking Lights: “Beautiful Son”
  3. Ellie Goulding: “Burn”
  4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: “Don’t Tell Me”
  5. Porcelain Raft: “Drifting In And Out”
  6. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys: “Empire State of Mind”
  7. Washed Out: “Feel It All Around”
  8. Beck & David Campbell: “Gamma Ray”
  9. Pharrell Williams: “Happy”
  10. OutKast: “Hey Ya!”
  11. Young The Giant: “I Got”
  12. Raphael Saadiq: “Keep Marchin'”
  13. Lorde: “Million Dollar Bills”
  14. M.I.A.: “Paper Planes”
  15. Tennis: “Robin”
  16. Phoneix: “Run Run Run”
  17. Bruno Mars: “Runaway Baby”
  18. Big Boi, BoB, Wavves: “Shoes For Running”
  19. Flume, Jezzabell Doran: “Sleepless”
  20. The Postal Service: “Such Great Heights”
  21. Alicia Keys: “Superwoman”
  22. Cayucas: “Swimsuit”
  23. Broken Bells: “The High Road”
  24. Electric Guest: “This Head I Hold”
  25. Janelle Monae: “Tightrope”
  26. Vampire Weekend: “Unbelievers”
  27. Arcade Fire: “You Already Know”