How to turn shopping into cardio



There are many life lessons we’ve learnt from Carrie Bradshaw (a.k.a Sex and the City): the importance of good girlfriends, heels and sweatpants are an acceptable style statement, and perhaps the most important… shopping totally counts as cardio. While contrary to your husband or partner’s belief, shopping – when done smartly – can actually be aerobically effective. So grab your credit card, throw on your activewear and get even MORE out of your Christmas shopping! 


We all know how chaotic shopping centres get around the Christmas trade period, so instead of slowly meandering along the aisles and getting stuck amidst the slow moving pack of shoppers, pop on your sneakers and walk with pace and purpose. Not only will it get your heart rate up, but it will cut the time you have to spend in there by half. Double win. For even more? Don’t take elevators, walk up the escalators like stairs… your booty will thank you for it. 


There are few things as frustrating as finding the perfect gift, and then having to wait in line until the New Year to pay for it! Instead of bottling up that anger and exploding on the hardworking sales assistant who’s just there to help you, use it to your advantage. Sneak in some subtle moves like calf raises and standing lateral leg raises to activate your glutes and hamstrings, to get you one step closer to your booty goals. Why not get those around you to join in and spread the gift of fit? You might even make some new friends!


If you haven’t done your tricep dips, don’t stress – just ditch the trolley. Logging around all of the gift loaded shopping bags you’ve accumulated will activate and engage a lot of the muscle groups in your upper body without having to drop and do a single push up (we know what we’d prefer).