The Workout You Can Do Anywhere – Video

We’re not always gifted with time or space, and with the holidays fast approaching, you can never have enough workouts up your sleeve that you can take on your travels. This full body workout will be your ‘go-to’ whether you are indoors, outdoors or travelling throughout the holidays.
This workout is a full body circuit that you can do anywhere with minimal space and very little, if any, equipment. I have used a torsion bar, but you could substitute for a dumbbell, kettle bell or just use your own bodyweight.  
It integrates hip mobility with core and shoulder stability in addition to targeting the most common female problem areas –  shaping the glutes, thighs and triceps.

The Workout

Complete all the exercises circuit style with only transition for break. Minimal rest ensures maximum fat burning with the heart rate staying elevated throughout. 
1. Overhead Roll Ups x 10
2. Bent Leg Reverse Planks x 10
3. Overhead Reverse Lunge x 20 (alternating legs)
4. Pushup Side Plank Rotation x 10
5. Butterfly Pumps x 20
6. Frog Jumps x 10
60-90 sec rest and repeat for 3-5 rounds.






Alexa Towersey is a sports model, celebrity trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach. Her high achievements don’t stop there! Alexa has worked with New Zealand’s champion All Blacks team and was named one of the ‘5 Toughest Trainers in Asia’. Her passion lies in empowering women. Learn more about Alexa here.

This is a sample of one of the workouts as featured in Alexa’s Creating Curves E-Book.