Five Problems Fit Girls Will Understand



Being fit is pretty darn fab – and not just because it makes your bod look bangin’ in a bikini. From the steady but constant stream of mood-boosting endorphin’s that leave you happier than a clam at high tide right through to the confidence and strong sense of achievement you get when you strut walk out of the gym knowing you just slayed that sweat sesh – it’s true when they say nothing feels as good as fit does. But you know what else is true? That age old adage “nothing worth having comes easy,” a quote which rings particularly true for the love/hate relationship we have with our fit chick lifestyle. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it… right? 


So in commendation of those ludicrously early mornings and that ceaseless sense of hunger, here are five problems only fit girls will understand…


You’re sore all.the.time 


Sore gif


Whether it’s doms from dreaded leg day, a long-lasting booty burn from a Barre class that worked muscles you didn’t even know existed, or the PTS you’re experiencing after surviving an F45 cardio class, muscle soreness isn’t just the offset of a particularly grueling workout, it’s a way of life, and a way of life you’re always prepared for. Instead of nail files, ibuprofen and double sided tape, your handbag houses the likes of deep heat, strapping tape and a pressure point ball. Because priorities. 


Your hair is 90% dry shampoo 


hairspray gif


Washing, conditioning and blow-drying your hair is a timely production, and ain’t nobody got time for that everyday! When you know you’re headed back to the gym in less than 24-hours, where that sleek style will morph straight back into a sweaty scruff, don’t fight it, go with it and wear that perspiration with pride #gymhairdontcare 


You spend majority of your Sunday Meal Prepping 


meal prep gif


After you’ve spent 30-minutes at the grocery store, an hour rummaging for matching Tupperware lids and three years waiting for your brown rice to cook, you’ve lost a pretty size-able chunk of your oh-so-sacred Sunday. Lol jks, you’re not done yet because you still have to wash up the one tray, two bowls, three pots and five chopping boards it took you to cook up six-days worth of chicken, sweet potato and broccoli. 


Your laundry pile is like Everest  


laundry gif


You do your washing three times more than anyone else you know, because unlike jeans, your fit kit is not something you can salvage more than one wear out of. Between the socks, towels, sports bras, tights, tanks and shorts – activewear comprises at least 90% of your washing basket, and laundering it comprises at least 30% of your life. 


You’re constantly hungry 


hungry gif


No matter how much peanut butter, protein oats or turkey mince you’ve eaten throughout the day, nothing will satiate the bottomless pit that is your stomach, and even if you increase your macros, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll still end up walking around the kitchen like pacman after dinner. Last name hungry, first name always. 


Which fit girl problem can you relate to most? Let us know in the comments below.