Fitness Trend Alert – BollyX – The New Workout You’re Going to LOVE!

You know that we love checking out new ways to MNB and trying out the latest health, fitness and wellness trends, fads and essentials… That’s how BollyX popped onto our radar!


BollyX is a new workout that is gaining popularity. And we can see why – it looks like SO MUCH FUN!


We caught up with Meredith from BollyX to learn a little more about what this new fitness class is all about and why we should be booking in our next class… 


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I basically grew up in a dance studio loving music and movement and singing anywhere and everywhere I could. Even at the dinner table. Haha.

I’ve always been a very social person and into team sports playing soccer, softball, field hockey and, as an adult, kickball. In college I studied voice performance and music education and fell in love with education. Connecting with others and seeing new information brighten someone’s world really inspired me.


I accidentally got into Bollywood and fitness when I was auditioning in New York. The joy, community, and the feeling during and after a class really spoke to me and I was hooked. I am now lucky enough to work as the Global Community Manager at BollyX working directly with the instructor community and our gym partners. 


What is BollyX?

BollyX is a Bollywood inspired cardio dance fitness workout that combines east meets west through Bollywood, Bhangra, Western Indian Folk, and Hollywood. It’s all about unleashing your inner rockstar and putting passion behind the movement so every dance feels like you are in the Bollywood movies.


The dance moves are approachable for dancers, non-dancers, and anyone in between. It is a total body workout from songs that focus on the lower body to songs that are dedicated to get the heart rate up.

The moves are also meant to be simple enough that you can modify on the spot by removing the impact or just doing the footwork. We encourage our class participants to do what feels good to them, but still push themselves to reach farther and squat lower.


Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar!


What are the benefits of the BollyX program?

Besides getting a powerful cardiovascular workout and some strength training with our body weight based lower body and upper dance songs, we hear our participants speak mostly about confidence and community.

We strive to remove that negative sense of competition and instead promote working together to achieve goals even if they are different fitness or personal goals.


Some people struggle with dancing and they want to improve upon that, so they come to class to find the beat and also move with confidence. We see this confidence translate into their everyday lives as well, by standing taller, smiling brighter, and trying new things without fear of judgment. 


How many times a week should we aim to do BollyX?

It really depends on the person and the availability to do a workout. We are so on the go now and time is hard to find or carve out for our health and wellness.

The good news is we are no longer bound to the classic rule of 1 concentrated hour of a workout. We have BollyX On Demand so anyone anywhere can take a movement break of 5, 10, 15, even 30 minutes to see cardiovascular benefits on a daily basis.


It’s so important to not fall victim to a sedentary lifestyle. However, if you were to attend our live 50-minute classes with a certified instructor, we would say anywhere between 2-4 times a week, but interspersing cardio with strength and flexibility training. A variety of workouts is really best for the body. 


What favourites are on your workout playlist?

Oh man, this is a hard one. I actually have a favorites playlist that I pull from when I’m having a hard day and just need a song to pick me up and get me moving.


Your favorite BollyX success story?

Oh yeah, this one happened recently!

I had a gentleman in one of my classes and he was struggling with the rhythm of the movement in a group. One week, the weather was so bad, that he was the only one who made it to class. It gave me the opportunity to cater the movements directly for him and modify and progress so that he could hear and grasp the rhythm better.

It wasn’t a discussion we had, it was how we did the movements together. The next class, he was right along side the BollyX crew and nailing it!!!! It just showed me that EVERYONE can dance, we all just need that one moment for it to click and progress from there. 


Favorite style in the current Lorna Jane collection

I LOVE the Reflex Core 7/8 Tight! They sit high on my waist to help me remember to activate my core and also allow for movement without any restraint. 


How do you Move Nourish Believe?

How I MOVE – BollyX the Bollywood Workout

How I NOURISH – Aveda Comforting Tea at the end of my day 

How I BELIEVE – It’s about the journey, not the destination, and living in the moment. 



Ready to give it a go? Head to the BollyX site here to learn more and start getting your groove on! Musical Notes on Apple


Have you tried BollyX?