5 Stages of a Winter Morning Workout

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Waking up is hard enough, but add a 7-degree temperature and a sky blacker than bitumen to the mix, and hard takes on a whole new meaning. But MNB girls are tough little [cacao] cookies and we don’t let our fitness routines drop just because the temperature does. Despite the less than idyllic and virtually arctic conditions, we’ve got this totally handled… Sure, it might take a few extra alarms, a double shot of caffeine and a workout buddy to help hold ourselves accountable (thanks JD), but we know full well that excuses don’t make results. However, it still goes without saying, that the struggle is so real. Here are 5 stages of a winter morning workout. 



Tay tay gif



Your alarm goes off, brutally and abruptly bursting the bliss bubble you were just delightfully dreaming in. This can’t be happening, didn’t you literally shut your eyes like, 4-minutes ago? 



Snooze once gif


Your bed is so damn warm, and you’re snuggled so deeply into your sheets, that you can’t actually tell where you end and your mattress starts. I’m not getting up, I’ll just shut my eyes for a few more minutes…



cardio gif


After finally getting up on the 7th snooze and hastily dressing yourself in the dark, you curse your past self for her terrible decision making. Why in the love of peanut butter did you promise your friend you’d meet her at the gym for a 6am workout? Is it too late to text her and back out? 



Cry gif


You drag your sorry little self out of the house and into the car, where you sit and ponder for a minute how you willingly put yourself in a position where you are already on the road when the rest of the world is still deep in the REM cycle? The moon is still out for crying out loud. 



I'm fine gif


You’ve finally arrived at the gym, defrosted a little and made it through the first round of burpee box jumps (more than made it… you smashed it actually). You then realized you’re not the damsel you thought you were half an hour ago. You’re a boss whose totally got this handled.



bey gif


Move over Beyonce, there’s a new Queen in town, and her body’s too bootilicious for ya babe. 



What stage do you relate with most? Let us know int he comments below!