5 Reasons To Workout In The AM

5reasonstoworkoutAM_01We hear it constantly that working out in the morning is beneficial for our health. And you know what? We would have to wholly and souly agree with that fact. We put it to the test last week and made a pact to rise and shine bright and early. We laced up our runners and wore our active uniform with pride. Admittedly the battle of the mind in the morning was a tough feat. Laying there arguing the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of a) A warm, snugly bed or B) An hour of hot and sweaty ‘move time’. The ‘B’ category conquered, and you know what? We feel amazing for it.

These are our ‘top 5 reasons’ to workout in the AM:

5reasonstoworkoutAM_02When was the last time you watched a sunrise? There is nothing more gratifying than pounding the pavement, or rolling out your yoga mat and watching the sunrise. The pure beauty and magnificence of this act is something worth waking up for, and seriously what better way to start your day? Try it out tomorrow morning, you will feel amazing for it.

5reasonstoworkoutAM_03When you sleep in and hit the snooze button one too many times…things can become a little manic. Ever so quickly you transform into a frazzled mess as you try to get yourself ready for work. You’ve got the toothbrush in one hand, hairbrush in the other as you search aimlessly for your missing left shoe…sound familiar? The prospect of sitting down for breakfast is an inconceivable notion. And then POOF, you’re out the door and chances are, you’ve forgotten to nourish. As we know it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and skipping it can cause some serious energy slumps and can bring on a bad case of the grumps. We found that when we worked out in the morning, we had more time to sit and enjoy our breakfast, and actually wanted to reward our body with good, healthy food choices throughout the day. We even had time to get creative and make these green pancakes (they taste better than what they sound).


Sometimes hitting the snooze button seems like the best decision at the time. However, opting to sweat it out and increase your heart rate will actually provide you with a ton more energy to go about your day. For example, instead of our normal lazy Sunday sleep in, we decided to get up early and get moving. This actually made the mountain of washing waiting at home so much easier to get through, no thanks to the endorphins and bucket loads of energy from that morning run!

5reasonstoworkoutAM_05Having more time for ‘you’ in the morning allows you to really set your intention for the day. This means writing to-do lists, prioritising your tasks, setting goals, packing the kid’s lunch, or just getting yourself in a positive head space before your day kicks off. More planning means more time to execute the goods, so we can’t deny the benefits of that extra ‘me’ time that rising early can present you with.

5reasonstoworkoutAM_06If you’re an afternoon exercising kind of lady, you are leaving yourself susceptible to the big ‘E’ word. That word would be EXCUSES. You can be as dedicated or motivated as you want, but chances are you may have a tough day at work and the prospect of stepping foot in a gym makes you cringe. And let’s be honest…things happen! Something could go wrong in your day, and in turn ruins your afternoon move plans. So, if you set your alarm an hour earlier than usual, and get your move on, you have the benefit of knowing that you are done and dusted, and have the afternoon to relax and unwind.

Are you a morning mover? What are some of your reasons…