So you want to be a Girl Boss?

If #selfie was 2014’s word of the year, then #girlboss must be 2015’s hottest contender… But what is it that’s made this term so damn popular? In our eyes, it’s because the term ‘Girl Boss’ represents so much more than just a professional leader. It’s an all encompassing attitude and a complete way of life that wholeheartedly celebrates the modern active woman’s drive: determination and dedication to live her best and brightest active life. In our eyes, a Girl Boss is confident but not arrogant, determined but not unreasonable, ambitious but in control, and most importantly, she’s not afraid to venture off track and pave her own path. And these qualities extend so much further than just her career.

We were lucky enough to pick the brains of some of the savviest Girl Bosses in the business to find out what qualities they think it’s essential for a Girl Boss to possess… 


“If I had to pick ‘just one’ quality it would have to be Authenticity – and by that I mean complete understanding and commitment to who you are and what your message is to the world. The ultimate #girlboss experience would have to be building something you can be proud of, something that you truly love to do and something that is an absolute true reflection of who you are.  So my advice to all of the aspiring #girlbosses out there would be: What are you waiting for? Embrace and OWN your uniqueness, be your authentic self and go out and make a difference in this magical world of ours!”


Women thrive when they are encouraged to acknowledge and trust their intuition in business. As a woman of influence, I believe it’s important to use your position to lead the women around you, to encourage them to grow and to be comfortable being themselves in the workplace. “


“Every successful Girl Boss needs to believe in herself 100 per cent. Not just sort of. But deeply, truly, wildly believe that she’s got it all going on and more. She also needs to know that success isn’t always quick and it’s rarely easy, but she can and will make it happen.”


“The first and most important thing is that you should forget that you are a woman. The best mentors, in my opinion, are gender neutral. I think it’s incredibly important to ensure that your employees don’t see you as a “girl” but as a competent, supportive, driven leader with an inspiring vision. Only then do I truly believe you get the most of the relationship and results for your business. I also believe that we as women have a natural inclination to over nurture at times (which is a great feminine quality) – but I love to see women bosses channel that into creating a fun, team oriented culture.”