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CC_bannerIf there’s one woman who’s giving us a decent dose of inspiration this month, it’s Charlotte Carr. The actress, blogger, wife, mother and all-round Active Living enthusiast was sweet enough to share a little bit of insight into her MNB Living style in the October issue of our Active Living Magazine. Charlotte is a Sporty Sister through and through, how do we know that? We’ve featured her on the website before, but quite frankly, we were hungry for more… so we decided to dish up seconds and devour more about this beautiful family’s MNB Living style.



Food for thought…

As well as running baby and toddler nutrition website Bubbayumyum (, Charlotte is studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is working on a recipe book with celebrity chef Pete Evans and nutritionist, Helen Padarin. “We follow a predominantly Paleo diet very rich in plant matter and sea vegetables,” says Charlotte. “Willow can’t have any gluten or dairy so it makes total sense for us. CC-quote1Charlotte’s food philosophy is simple. To cook with love and care. “Preparing healthy meals is an extension of the way I love and cherish my family. I make sure everything they eat is designed to heal, nourish and enable them to thrive – and is yummy!” Open up Charlotte’s fridge and you’ll likely find coconut water, coconut cream, fresh fruits and vegetables and local organic meat. “I love food I can explore and experiment with,” she says. “That’s why I love local markets. It’s wonderful to create things from scratch like pestos, aiolis, sauces, fermented foods and kombucha.”

Charlotte and Wes make sure little Willow is filled up with fresh, healthy foods for his growing body. “It’s all he knows,” Charlotte says. 


Time out…

Charlotte is the first to admit that fitting daily exercise into her schedule can be tricky, but like a true MNB’er, she finds a way to make it work. “I’ll admit that as a working mum with my husband interstate and no family in the same city to help it’s really hard!” she admits. “But you have to move to feel good so I make time. I recently joined a gym with a crèche and when Wes is in town I’ll always go to a Reformer Pilates class. I did Pilates throughout my entire pregnancy, up to 38 weeks and it’s amazing.”

She also makes time to just chill. “As a mum, you need a release. Once the toys and craft are packed away and Willow is asleep, I love taking a bath with candles, essential oils and Epsom salts. I find it so relaxing and the water calms me instantly. Then I’ll sit down with a book or study material.” 


Romance is also important and the couple are adamant on keeping the spark alive. “We have to have date nights when Wes is home. It’s really important to reconnect and have adult conversations. Wes and I are really simple. We both love movies and great food so special time together is very easy to organise.”


Charlotte’s family philosophy is also straightforward: “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s just mess; it can be sorted out later! CC-quote3

 – As Told To MNB Team 

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