Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest Spirit Junkie of them all?

Gabby-BANNERGabrielle Bernstein is an enchanting and inimitable soul whose got brains, beauty and for lack of a better word… balls! The former Manhattan publicist and self confessed party girl appeared to have it all – on the outside – but on the inside she was completely disconnected from her centre and spiritual beliefs, a consequence that arose from trying to seek happiness and validation from the outside world. In a bid to regain control, she made the bold decision to trade in her highflying career to become a spiritual teacher, a decision that stemmed from her own personal growth, and boy did it lead her to the right place! Her raw honesty and scrupulous sincerity have earned her millions of loyal followers all over the world and she’s even been touted the ‘next generation thought leader’ by Oprah Winfrey! The New York Times bestseller is about to embark on a tour down under, so we thought there was no better time for us to kick back and catch up with a woman who is as humbling as she is inspiring!

You wear a lot of different hats from blogger and wellness coach to meditation teacher and author… what title do you give yourself?  

An author and motivational speaker is mainly the way I identify myself now based on really being primarily out in the world as a speaker and an author. I used to be a Life Coach but not so much anymore.


I read in an interview that you used to be a pretty powerful PR executive in New York, what was the catalyst that made you alter your life direction?

I was running a PR business from the age of 21-25 and in that time I was representing nightclubs in New York City and it was a very dark and creepy life, as I’m sure you can imagine, and I was starting to turn my back on the spiritual beliefs that I had been taught as a child and I was really focusing on the outside world. I was very disconnected from my centre and from my truth so at 25 I got sober and I decided to turn my back on the beliefs that had been holding me back and chose the life of sobriety. In that journey of getting sober and cleaning up my life I started to create that career transition from being a publicist to becoming a spiritual teacher based on my own personal growth and wanting to share the tools that I was applying in my own life with this new generation of seekers.


I also read that you have a theatre degree under your belt so you’ve clearly always loved making people smile, have you always been a positive person?

I think in general in my heart I’ve always been a very positive person. Even in the darkest corners of my life when I was in my early twenties I was still an upbeat, positive, easy going, happy person so I think yes, that definitely is something that’s inherent in who I am but I think in general there’s a lot more of that that has come from being in this conversation and dialogue that I’m in today.

You said this all happened when you were around 25, that seems to be the age when a lot of women start questioning their purpose in life and scrutinizing things from their jobs to their bodies and relationships – I’m 25 and that’s exactly where I am now – what advice would you give to women who are going through that phase given that you’ve gone through it personally?

Good one! Listen, I think that at 25 my best advice to myself would have been: “look for your happiness as an inside source, establish a great inner awareness, deepen your connection with your intuition and let that be your guide. Learn to lean on your intuition as your guide.” That would have been my advice to myself, and thankfully I took it!

In your video blogs you refer to your audience as ‘Spirit Junkies’, can you tell me a little about what it means to be a Spirit Junkie?

Being a Spirit Junkie means to choose to live a positive and elevated existence and to choose to practice forgiveness and self-love and self-care and to be on a spiritual journey of your own understanding. So it’s about being on a path that turns inward for your happiness and choosing that path over other paths as a result of really wanting that commitment.


You have such a positive outlook on life, what is the most important message you want to share with the Lorna Jane Sisterhood?

I think that the main message is really that happiness is a choice that you make and at any given moment you can choose again. You can witness that you’re on the wrong path or see that you’re choosing the wrong thoughts or experiences and it’s never too late to choose again. That’s the main underlying message for all that I teach.Gabby-FILLER4

What are your favourite ways to Move Nourish and Believe?

Move: Soul Cycle – it’s amazing!

Nourish: To cook for myself.

Believe: Belief comes through prayer and constant contact with my intuition.

Obviously negative thoughts and hardships are human nature and they’re bound to pop up every now and again in life, how do you deal them when they arise?

You know I actually have a process! First I get real about what’s up for me so if I’m mad I get mad, if I need to say some nasty things I’ll say them, just to get it through so that I’m not holding it or pushing it down. Then as quickly as possible, I choose to forgive; whether it’s to forgive others or forgive myself but to be in the energy of forgiveness and to change and shift the energy around the story so that it can give that opportunity for transformation.


You’ve kicked a lot of professional goals, what are you most proud of achieving in your life?

I’m most proud of my sober recovery. I’ve been a sober woman for 9 years and that’s not just sober from drugs and alcohol but also sober from fear, sober from addictive patterns and sober from acting out in the world and honouring who I truly am. 

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