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Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad? You know, those life changing moments that can reveal your true potential or uncover the limits that have been holding you back from living your very best life? Jamie Gonzalez sure has. The speaker, writer, mentor and bona fide truth bomber  has a heart of gold that oozes love and overflows wisdom. His journey of self-discovery turned one man’s mess into another’s message, and he’s here to tell you that whoever you are right in this moment, doesn’t need changing…

Hi Jamie! Start us off with a little overview of your story…

From a very young age, I was intrigued with the questions: Why am I here? Why am I alive and experiencing this thing we call life? At fourteen, I had an opportunity to seek these answers out when I found myself living out of a broken home. I saw this as an opportunity to discover myself and life. I somehow ended up diving into meditation. Through my teens, I started a very inward journey of self-discovery. But then came the end of school and my awareness changed its focus to who I was to become and how I would survive in life.

I attended my first personal development seminar looking for answers. This was the beginning of a fifteen year search through speakers, gurus, coaches, books and anything else I thought might give me the answer to: Why am I here? Through my twenties, whilst on this journey of self-discovery, I threw myself into a career in property. I did very well, very quickly. However, as quickly as it built, things fell apart. I realized the answer to my question was not in what I did, what I had, or who I thought I was.Limitless Living10

Then, about four years ago, I came across a piece of the puzzle to life and who we truly are. This discovery brought me to the answer I had been seeking to those questions. At the same time, it also meant letting go of what I knew and learning to walk again… So, I wiped my canvas clean. I actually stopped everything I was doing in life to be moved only by that which I wholeheartedly loved to do and be. Today, I find myself supporting people around the world through mentoring, writing, and speaking and by sharing my own journey of truth. Through my direct experience in actually living and being what I so easily talked about for years, I’ve come to know myself like never before. I discovered that wisdom is not just in knowing things, but actually in having a direct experience of what we know. For me, that is true wisdom. I came to experience that knowing the truth and actually being it were worlds apart.

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Give us the juicy stuff. What was the ‘game changing’ moment that ignited your desire to change your life course?

I was about twenty-five when I met one of my mentors. He was extremely wealthy and successful. On this day, I sat with him. While we were in mid conversation, I realized how sad this person was. In that moment, everything that I had been building in my life so that I would, one day, have the same level of success and wealth as my mentor became nothing to me.

I realized I had been chasing a life of security in what I did and the things I had. But, if this person had all of that which I desired in life, and wasn’t actually happy, I knew my attention was on the wrong things. I was hoping to arrive somewhere in life by eventually having all that I thought would bring me what I sought. I realized my desires had come from a place of lack. This void needed to be filled so I would then feel fulfilled in life. This is how I believed life worked. I had been conditioned to think this way from the moment I left school. I was also led to believe that, by having all the tools, techniques, and steps I would arrive at that point of ultimate freedom and happiness. Little did I know these things were just a distraction to the truth of who we truly are already.

So, my desire to change became a desire to know my true self as already being fulfilled for no reason. My desire came from a space which was already complete and full. I knew that, if I could find that space, I would be free to be myself—no matter what. I would then feel as though nothing could be taken from me or given to me in life. Why? Because in being my true self I already had everything I needed. My desires weren’t to have something, but instead to express that which I already felt for the love of it and nothing else.

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How have your life experiences shaped the person you are today?

Over the past four years or so—after receiving that piece of the puzzle that changed everything – I feel like I am no longer looking to shape myself into being a certain person. Instead, I feel that my experiences changed me. I am no longer looking for experiences to become something more. I am more observing life and just being myself.

My greatness is not in who I think I am as Jamie, this identity. My greatness is in seeing Jamie as everything that is, in each moment. In this space, I don’t feel separate from anyone or anything. I then don’t fear or love anything. It is all me. I am nothing but love itself.

In this space, I find I am then free to imagine myself as a character in my own movie. Moreover I am not just limited to thinking I am the character. I see myself as writing the script for this loving movie and moving through my character and all that is in each scene, each moment.Limitless Living6

What’s the toughest thing you’ve had to overcome?

Myself! I used to think the biggest challenges were in my story and having to overcome my circumstances. But that was the character not realising the truth of who I am: the writer of my own movie. It was very tough trying to fix, change, or improve life from something so limited as just being that character.

So letting go of thinking I was Jamie, as this identity pretending to have power or any type of control over my life, I felt like I was shredding myself with a cheese grater. At times, it even felt like I was burning alive. Not reacting to my circumstances out of fear and just holding space whilst embracing what is—without judgment—was extremely difficult in the beginning—especially when I had been given so many tools that had me believing my power was in taking away any discomfort or pain.

My mind and the attachments I had to this identity were the biggest obstacles ever. At times, I still find myself fighting mini battles. But these are a lot less frequent and far and few between these days. The peace, joy, and love I now feel, knowing myself after having gone through all this is something I treasure beyond words. The deeper I fall into this space, the easier it becomes to simply be it. I’m not distracted into thinking I’m something else.Limitless Living12

You’re a role model to so many wanting to take on the gratitude attitude, who are your role models?

It’s funny. When you ask me who my role model is, nothing comes to mind. It’s not that I don’t have people who inspire me. I see people every day that inspire me. It’s just that, I suppose, in being myself, I don’t look to someone else as a role model. I see my life as something that hasn’t been written or experienced before. So, I wouldn’t want to look at another’s role and try to model my life upon that.

People see the life someone else is living and hope to model that. They want to recreate the freedom, success, and joy – whatever they feel that person has because they think its something already separate to them. This can set us up for failure. Reason being, that person isn’t taking the time of finding what they see and feel in another’s life within themselves and letting that express in that person’s own unique way. I hope that, instead of being a role model to others, I inspire them to trust themselves and live whatever it is that is true to their hearts. I hope to help them realise they already have everything they could ever want or need by simply being themselves.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what I’m doing! I’m taking this journey moment by moment and staying open to the possibilities. That may sound crazy. But, if people are also inspired by that, then they, too, can share in my type of crazy. I think, at some point, we all have to go a little crazy to find ourselves.

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Tell us what limitless living means to you?

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It’s then that, we have the ability to live the life we love in the here and now—for no other reason than because we love to and we can!

What imprint would you like to leave on the wellness industry?

Wellness is a natural state of being and not something that we need to control, limit, or place power in so to feel happy, secure, or safe.Limitless Living13 QUOTE1

I hope that people can come to trust in whatever they feel drawn to on their wellness journey, knowing that there is no one way, right way, or wrong way in their approach. Just be yourself and trust in what you feel is true for you in each moment. Have the willingness to fail, but the certainty to discover yourself within your failures as much as in your successes.

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You’ve got 24 hours in a day – what does a typical day of Move, Nourish, Believe look like (from when you get up to when you go to sleep)…

MOVE: From the moment I open my eyes, I love becoming aware of my body and then asking myself: What do I feel moved to do? Sometimes, it’s train, surf, ride, walk or simply just watch the sun rise down at the beach. There is always some element of movement to my day. I love the feeling that comes over my body when I’m present while it is moving.

NOURISH: Give me wholesome delicious food any time of the day!! My preference is anything organic. When I get up, I usually walk to the kitchen and down a litre of water with some apple cider vinegar in it. I continue to hydrate throughout the day. I love meals prepared with love and then eaten with love by being present whilst eating. I enjoy making smoothies, cooking up a tasty scrambled egg and bacon breaky with avocado. I make salads and also prepare and slow cook meats for dinner. And I love my chocolate—or it loves me! Either way, we find each other on most days!

BELIEVE: I stay present in this moment. I am in the here and now throughout my day. Even whilst I am doing in life, I am also truly being.Limitless Living11

What’s next for Jamie? Tell us about your wildest, most beautiful plans…

This one’s an interesting question for me. I can’t say I have plans. It’s more that I have a connection to my feeling that I love expressing in each moment. In that space, I sometimes have little visions of what’s coming. Feelings arise as desires that I would love to express into reality. But, at the same time, my attention is here, in this moment.

I like being totally open to the limitless possibilities—not letting a plan of how I think the possibilities will play out get in the way. I now find it easier to let those possibilities find me as I show up for what I love, moment by moment.

At this time in my life, I love mentoring my clients from around the world. I enjoy writing and speaking. The more I feel into this love and integrate more and more of my own journey, the more I feel a love to share It with as many people as possible. I want to support those that are looking to live freely. How that happens, I’m excited to experience. But I feel very complete in what I am experiencing and who I’m being in this moment.


Fave #nourish recipe right now

An awesome and amazing friend, Lola Berry got me onto her simple yet delicious Charlie’s Salad with Crispy Salmon dish. You can find it in her 20/20 Diet Cook Book.

Career highlights so far?

Speaking in front of 300 people for the first time, traveling around the U.S., speaking and mentoring, but most of all knowing that I have already changed people lives in just being myself and sharing what I have come to experience in that space.

Fave way to MOVE

The first thing that comes to mind is making love with that person with whom you share a special connection. I can think of no other way to move that comes close to that sort of connection. What we feel within our bodies during this time is pretty special.

The one quote you always find yourself reading…

“We accept the love we think we deserve” – Stephen Chbosky

Lastly, before we part, is there a quote you could share with us that is just bursting with inspiration to live your best life?

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