The Active Living Project: Welcome to Week One!

Are you ready to strengthen that believe muscle of yours?

Ok, you’re right – that’s not even a question. Of course you’re ready for more clarity and mindfulness, thanks to a few tips and techniques from the self-belief pros.

If you subscribe to our weekly emails, then you’re already in the loop with our month-long Active Living Project in February. And if not, have a little read and prep yourself for action.

Truth be told, we are really excited to launch this little project.


Well, February is such a ripe time to really get down to business. You’ve had your holiday fun, the kids are back at school and you’re finally feeling like you’re getting into the swing of things at work. Whatever your circumstances, you’re ready to create positive rituals and make things happen.

It’s also an opportunity for us to go back-to-basics and keep things simple (KIS) as we spread the Active Living philosophy, and get back on track together as a sisterhood.

It is our belief that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind, nor can you make progress without tackling those inner fears. It all starts with Believe. Well, at least we think so! Unless you believe in yourself, practice a little self-love, and are kind to your body – all of your other efforts fall by the wayside.

Just like you work your muscles at the gym, you’ve gotta work at strengthening your ability to Believe. You know what that means… It’s Believe Bootcamp time, all over again!

This week, we’re breaking down the week with 5 simple focus points. Each has a positive part in building a strong mentality.



1. Goals – write em’

If you haven’t printed out your goals worksheet (download both part 1 & part 2), then we suggest you hop to it. It’s so important to take the time to think about what it is you truly want to achieve over the next month, 6 months, 12 months! Get right down to the nitty gritty. Address whatever is holding you back, how you’re going to get to where you want to be, and how you’ll reward your efforts. By setting goals, you’ll also set your intention for a fearless and focused mind.

2. Visualise it

Visualisation plays such a pivotal part in making your dreams a reality. Call it what you want: the laws of attraction, the universe working its magic, or your subconscious mind making things happen for you. However you see it, it sure does work. Immerse yourself in inspiration, seek solitude and tune into your inner voice. Create a believe board (online or offline)and create the life you desire (literally). Being reminded on a daily basis of your heart’s desire can help re-jig your motivation, and plant you back on that positive track towards your wants, dreams and desires.

3. Do something for yourself – even if it’s just one thing

Ask yourself this: what lights me up? What makes my heart fill up with joy and happiness? Think about it. When did you feel such an emotion? Perhaps it was after a hot yoga class or tucking into your girly fiction novel with a cup of tea. We all have our guilty pleasures, and it’s essential that we make the time to do what makes us happy. A little bit of serotonin never hurt nobody – it’s a simple remedy for kicking your believe muscle into overdrive.

4. Do a good deed for someone else

Doing something kind for a loved one or stranger can feel a thousand times better than any act of self indulgence. We’re not saying you should cough up a hefty loan or donate your left kidney. Small acts of kindness can amount to a whole lot, whether it’s offering your mother a hand with the ironing or baking a healthy treat for your workmates. That fluttering feeling in your heart is indescribable, and for such a priceless act, so worthwhile.

5. Exercise your believe muscle

….in between your triceps, legs and back days at the gym, of course. It’s so important to schedule in some time to flex your believe muscle. Say what? This simply means doing things that give you a fresh new perspective. We are busy beings, and sometimes we forget to slow down the dial on our busy lives and just breathe. Truth be told, we all need an outlet to escape every once in a while. Embrace breathing exercises like yoga or Tai Chi to calm the mind and centre yourself completely. It’s no coincidence that meditation is the talk of the town. This blissful trend is here to stay, and with good reason. If you’ve always wanted to get into yoga but could never keep it up, now is the time.

So my pretties. Are you ready for a week of exercising your believe muscle and putting your wildest dreams into action?

Let’s do this.

Some extra support to get you started… 

We’ve whipped up a rocking day and weekly planner to give you some serious motivation. Plus, for some extra support, we’ve activated the forums so you can talk amongst your sporty sisters – whether it’s offering your support or sharing your best-kept fit tips and nourishing recipes. We have a big, wide web of women who share the same desires as you. We all want to be the very best versions of ourselves, and live a fulfilling, beautiful life.


Let’s help one another get there.

Don’t forget to share your journey with the tag #activelivingproject so we can keep up to date with your progress!

With love,