They call her Lola…



We’ve long been fans of the lovely Lola Berry (exhibit A, exhibit B) – a lady who needs no introduction to Move Nourish Believe. The blonde bombshell is the ultimate health and wellness ‘slashie’ and her resume reads nutritionist, yoga teacher, author and owner of The Happy Place (to name just a few). We caught up with the lovely Lola to talk all things Active Living and Move Nourish Believe… 


Do you have a motto or mantra you live by?


A uni teacher said to me; you are the only person who can make your dreams happen and you’re the only person who can stop you. I love this one and really live by it, when things aren’t going my way I say well come on Lola, you’re the captain of your ship.


Have you always been into health & wellness or was there a catalyst that prompted you to change your lifestyle?


Well, mum used to always send me to school with spirulina protein balls but there were a few years I defiantly fell off the health wagon when I became a DJ. At that stage I was into partying and my favorite foods were lamingtons and giant caramello koalas. I went on a “Summertime Detox” and realized it was more than just fitting into that bikini, I felt clearer, like a better version of myself, I was nicer, my skin was clearer and I slept better. I also lost 20kg so my health journey has been quite transformative for me.


What’s your philosophy when it comes to health and wellness?


  • Listen to your body, what works for me might not work for you, tune in
  • Bring it back to wholefoods, just real food, get rid of the packet stuff
  • Balance; if you stuff up (which we all do, I’ve got a mega sweet tooth and fall off the health wagon all the time) drop the guilt and know it’s totally fine to have treats, that’s part of healthy balance
  • The way I see is it is that food is here to nourish yourself and to share with the people you love
  • Mindfulness is a great way to get more present and really enjoy eating great wholesome foods


What are your favourite ways to:


  • Move: yoga, Biophilia nature walks and hiking!
  • Nourish: real, wholesome foods, and sharing those moments with people you love
  • Believe: you have to believe in yourself in you want to live your dreams, also live and believe in kindness, it’s super powerful


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What are some of your non-negotiable daily rituals?


Yoga, it’s the gift I give myself and when I teach, it’s the gift I share with others. Doing what makes me happy, I believe in making your own luck so I really focus on making my dream come true each day. Being out in nature, it’s a must.


What do you think is the key to happiness?


Living your truth and being kind

Not settling for anything less than hat’s amazing for you, with both career and your heart.

I think real hearts are rare, they’re my favorite kind of souls and they feel amazing to be around, they love you for who you are but inspire you to be more.


What’s something not many people know about you?


Steve Irwin has always been my hero and I wanted to become a Zoologist when I was a kid. Either that or a girl version of Mr.Bean because I thought it would be pretty special to make people laugh.


You inspire so many women, but who do you look up to and why?


Anyone who is unapologetically living from their heart and doing what they love, that inspires me loads. Steve Irwin and my Dad are pretty ace too, I’ve dedicated my books to them!


How do you motivate yourself on those inevitable ‘off days’ we all have?


Mate, some days can be tricky, if I haven’t nourished myself properly then I can get really flat. Yoga, happy souls and nourishing foods always bring me back to balance pretty fast.







What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


When I first moved away from Melbourne to study in Queensland my Dad wrote me a card and inside it said “kick goals girl” simple but spot on.


What’s your favourite guilty pleasure?


Chocolate and the raw salted caramel slice from Happy Place (that’s my smoothie bar in South Melbourne)


You’ve accomplished so much in your career, what’s been your proudest moment to date and why?


I feel very lucky to travel so much and I love to help people so as long as I’m helping souls then I’m rapt. I really loved filing at the West Harlem Soup Kitchen in New York. It made me realize I grew up in a very lucky country and that I shouldn’t take things for granted.


Where’s the most unconventional place you’ve ever worn activewear?


Far out, I live in the stuff! I’ve worn it out to events and dinners, tights are wayyyyy comfier than jeans and they look brill with heels too!


What is one piece of advice you would like to share with the Lorna Jane sisterhood?


If you have a dream, then make it come to life!


What’s next for Lola Berry?


I’m currently working on the next book and looking forward to a fair bit of travel. I’m always looking for the next adventure! So long as I’m living from my heart and doing what I love then I’m rapt!



To find out more about Lola – visit her website or instagram