Stop Doing These 3 Things – Right Now!



Confidence seems to be an extremely hot topic right now. Everyone appears to be wondering how to achieve just the right amount of authentic confidence, you know the kind that just beams out of you without even having to try. I often receive compliments on my confidence and it’s always followed up with the question of what I do to feel and look so confident. For me, it came with time, maturity, and a lot of hard work on myself. I’ve realized that our own appreciation of ourselves, our amazing abilities, and our unique qualities is all about adjusting your thought process and learning to cut a few things out of your life that are holding your confidence back.


In our society today we say and do things all the time that actually reflect on our confidence and we don’t even realize we do them. It’s all about becoming aware of your habits and working on becoming the best version of yourself. When it comes to finding your confidence there is a lot you can do but more importantly there are three things you should try to actually stop doing to become your most confident self.



Drop the Judgement

That’s right, stop all the judgement. It’s time to stop judging yourself and others. When you’re constantly looking at yourself and others and thinking negative thoughts it’s going to cause your confidence to go into a downward spiral. Every single thought we have whether we speak it out loud or not creates an effect. If you find yourself judging others and yourself often start creating a No-Judgement zone for yourself. Once you create that zone, you’ll become very aware of when you start doing it. And it will happen, but when it does, stop and ask yourself what good is this doing? Becoming aware of how judgmental you’re being on yourself and others will probably be very eye opening at first but then slowly you will find it easier to stop and in turn you will see a rise in your confidence and overall wellbeing.



Quit all the Negative Self-Talk

Let’s be honest we can be our own harshest critics and it’s really time we stop all that and become our own biggest cheerleaders instead. It can be difficult to face yourself in the mirror and appreciate the positive amazing qualities you possess. However, when you take the time to tackle your insecurities and work on building up positivity in your life you will see a huge change happen with your confidence. Instead of picking yourself apart, find the positive things you love about yourself and start to focus in on those. Send your energy into positive, encouraging, and motivating self-talk and just start to notice the changes you’re experiencing. Once I stopped talking to myself so harshly, I was able to see the difference in how I felt and others began to notice as well. There is so much power in positivity.



Stop the Comparison Game

As they say, comparison is truly the thief of joy. With social media these days it can be all too easy to find yourself comparing your life with someone you follow online or even your friends and loved ones. But the thing is the more often you find yourself comparing your life with someone you’re losing track of what matters most, YOU. You are the only version of you. You are unique and special and truly authentic and no one can take that away. When you cut the comparisons you can start to really focus in on your uniqueness and in turn you will begin to feel more confident. Afterall, confidence is all about loving yourself unapologetically.



Cut these three things out of your life and just watch how your confidence levels begin to rise. It might not be easy at first but take it day by day and moment by moment. We are human afterall, nothing is perfect, all that truly matters is the effort you put in! Becoming aware of certain daily habits is really the first step to working on your confidence. Once you’re aware you’ll be able to make a conscious effort to make changes and to become the best and most confident version of yourself.






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