Are you a mum? You need to read this.

In our opinion, there’s nothing in this world more inspiring than the strength of a woman… especially a mother. Seriously, where would we be without them? They put the needs of their family before their own, are there for us whenever we need them and teach us pretty much everything we know. Onya mum! So when we hear about mums who are making incredible things happen, we want to know more… Meet Dana a personal trainer with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry who has incorporated her beautiful new bub into her active life and written a program to help mums postpartum. 


Hi Dana, so happy to have you with us on MNB. We have been following you on Instagram for a little while now! Tell us a little bit about you…

Being active has always been apart of who I am – hence the name ‘Active With D’.  Growing up I was involved in as much sport as I possibly could so it didn’t surprise my family and friends when I ended up working in the fitness industry. Fast forward a few years and I am a qualified Personal Trainer specialising in Women’s Health. I have a particular interest in the pregnancy and postpartum period and have created a stretching eGuide that now helps women around the world during their special journey.  I am also a proud mum of an adventurous one year old boy.

What inspired you to start your Instagram and website “Active with D”?

Every mother deserves to feel confident, healthy, and happy! Easy to say, but with aches and pains constantly eating away at our changing bodies, it can be hard to enjoy the journey. I hit a wall before I began regular stretching. After 20 weeks of chronic morning/all day sickness and increasing back and sciatic pain I was struggling to walk to the bathroom and to even get out of bed. Once my morning sickness settled, I used my experience as a personal trainer and got stuck into stretching on a daily basis and from then on I found my pregnancy GLOW! My physical and emotional state was ready to be an active mum and I wanted to share this with the rest of the world. That’s how Active With D came about. Because every mother deserves to enjoy their journey!


What is your advice to women who want to practice gentle exercise during their pregnancy?

Listen to your body. You’re no longer exercising just for you, you’re exercising for your baby as well. If you and your baby aren’t up to your usual workout, take it back a notch, go for a walk, or just enjoy a stretch. Staying active during your pregnancy does wonders for you and your baby. Having said that, I am a firm believer in not focusing on physical appearance goals, especially during pregnancy. I believe in working out to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, nourishing your body with beautiful food, and working hard at learning to love yourself from the inside out. Pregnancy is all about looking after your body, and keeping it in tiptop condition whilst you bring your baby into the world. It is not the time to punish it.

What are your favourite ways to keep active?

During my pregnancy I enjoyed lots of long beach walks with my big dog Klaus, stand up paddle boarding, gentle workouts, and lots of stretching. Since having my beautiful boy, I’ve taken up windsurfing, surfing, and I’ve also been slowly increasing the intensity of my workouts both at home and in the gym. I’m really excited for this year – as a family we’re taking up sailing and I’m looking forward to fitting in more scuba dives with my fiancé, it’s been far too long since my last dive!


What does a typical day of Move, Nourish and Believe look like to you?

MOVE: My 7 minute home workouts are my lifesaver – because they are run on time not reps, they allow me to go at my own pace. I love them!

NOURISH: Rexie and I are green smoothie addicts. I like to keep our food as clean and wholesome as possible, however I am a Pana Chocolate fan so my fiancé is always bringing me home some. You could say I’ve trained him well. 

BELIEVE: My two favorite quotes are: “Live life with no malice”, and “You are under no obligation to be the person you were 5 minutes ago.” Since having Rex I’ve turned my life around, I am becoming more confident, my health has never been better and I’ve learnt to love myself.


To find out more about Active D or to download her stretching e-guide, visit her website, instagram or Facebook