Monday Motivation: The Art of the Staycation

Article_MNB_0414_MMStaycation_01Want to de-stress, break up with your daily routine and see the world through fresh eyes? That blissful holiday feeling might be closer to home than you think. 

Even if you consider yourself more of an intrepid traveller than a lady of leisure, an at-home adventure allows you to reconnect with the things you love and remind you to relax and just (wait for it)… breathe!

Not sure you’re down with holidaying at home? Here’s a few reasons why you need to book in a staycation..

+ Say so long to jetlag or exhaustion. You’ll be glowing from the inside out and feeling totally refreshed on your first day back at work. Hello, new woman.

+ You won’t have to go without your beloved blender or freshly made smoothies whilst holidaying.

+ You’ll gain an extra 1-2 days of relaxation instead of flights and transport.

+ Fact: there’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed.

+ Your holiday plans are foolproof: horrible weather won’t result in missed flights or lengthy stays in the airport lounge.

Are you in?

Even if you don’t have a holiday booked anytime soon, our staycation tips are proven to give you that breezy vacation feeling all year round.


Do the groundwork

Treat your staycation just like any other holiday and get organised before taking time off. Swing by the dry cleaners to pick up your long-lost silk blouse, find the courage to finally empty your vacuum bag and wipe your hands of any other dirty household tasks. Don’t stress, a blissful staycation awaits you…

Live Light

Packing light is one of the first rules of travelling, and the same principle applies to your staycation. Saving money on flights, accommodation and travel insurance isn’t an excuse to go on a spending spree – set a budget or a daily limit to keep your holiday funds in check.

    • Use up the pile of nearly-expired vouchers and gift cards from your last birthday
    • Invite friends over for an at-home feast (and ask them to bring a plate of food)
    • Dust off your record player and host a listening party in your living room (we recommend kicking off with Fleetwood Mac or The Beach Boys)


Turn your house into a hotel

Take a moment to think about the best place you’ve ever stayed and what made it so special. Now, write down a few ways to recreate the holiday experience at home.

Start by filling your fridge with coconut water and healthy treats like chocolate truffles and cookies. Live it up with freshly washed sheets, new throw rugs, vases of fresh blooms and a DIY body scrub in your bathroom. If ever there was a time to build a pillow fort, this is it!

Or maybe you need a break from familiar surroundings to truly relax? We recommend doing a house swap with a friend or booking a short stay on Airbnb.

Explore like a traveller

Try a new cuisine or cafe in your suburb, visit the museum and actually watch a live band on a weeknight (instead of bailing early for bed). Grab a friend, hire bikes and take a camera along to document your discoveries.

For the staycationing mums out there, hire a babysitter or ask a family member to watch the kids while you head out for a relaxing dinner. Ahhhh, bliss.


Be open to relaxation

Let’s face it, the real reason we strand ourselves on secluded islands or lofty mountain peaks isn’t simply to relax – it’s so we are forced to relax.

If you spend a good portion of your overseas holiday waving your smartphone over your head in search of reception or hijacking Wi-Fi at every cafe, it’s time to part with your daily routine (just for a week or two).

Consider it a challenge to let go and find relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Allow time for  stretching, meditation and yoga, book a massage, schedule a long overdue Skype session with a loved one or to hell with it, stay in bed all day if you so choose.

You know that I’ll-read-them-eventually book pile, why not dig into it? And if you’re a compulsive newsfeed scroller, take a technology detox for a day or two (That’s right: Put. The. Smartphone. Down). You might just be surprised by your newfound clarity and peace of mind.


Do you have any staycation tips? Share them in the comments section so we can get in on the holiday action at home.

MNB xx