Monday Motivation: A Believe Exercise You Gotta Try!

MMdebbiespellman_bannerSince it’s Monday and you may or may not be feeling a little fuzzy (with tired eyes to boot), we’re bringing you a healthy dose of Monday Motivation. Get ready to amp up your positive mindset and wage war on insecurity with this Believe Power sheet + audio track.

Not too long ago, we were lucky enough to sit down with Mind Detox Therapist Debbie Spellman and pick her brain about conquering negative self-talk. With a hot cup of peppermint tea in hand and laptops fired up and ready, we had a lovely session digging into your questions from this post and hearing a few bonus tips from Debbie along the way.

If you haven’t already, we suggest these 3 oh-so easy steps:

1. Try Debbie’s 1-day Mind Detox
2. Pop back over here to listen to the Q & A with Debbie
3. Fill out Debbie’s Believe Exercise below

Are you ready to banish your negative self-talk and deal with any self sabotaging roadblocks that may be deterring you from reaching your best self? Get your head in the game (literally) and bulldoze through any roadblocks that may be getting in the way of reaching your true potential.

Let’s do this!


The audio:

The BELIEVE exercise:




Debbie helps women find inner calm, self-acceptance and true confidence through discovering who they are. As a mind detox therapist, coach, trainer, speaker and writer she inspires women to heal their part, bust through their negative self image and learn to love themselves. Her passion to spread the word of positive body image fuels her global commitment to change the way women see themselves. She is the ‘Think Fit’ expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine and has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Dolly, Women’s Day and Australian Natural Health. Her online TV show, Detox your Mind, reaches women in over 10 countries.

For more self-love and mind detoxing techniques, immerse yourself in Debbie’s Detox Your Mind TV channel and subscribe to a “no-mean girl zone” state of mind. For daily updates follow Debbie Spellman via her social channels: FacebookTwitter & Instagram.