A Letter To Me: Download Here



Hi, remember me? 

It’s been a while since we caught up. 

You know, spent quality time together. 

What do you say we make up for lost time?

Let’s get out, go somewhere, do something. 

Feel the way we used to. 

Free to be ourselves… yourself. 

You know where I am. 

Let’s get to know each other again. 








Dear Me, 

I know I’m hard on you sometimes (OK all the time…). I know there are moments when I don’t believe in you. When I wish you were slimmer, fitter, more social, funnier and smarter. But I just want to reach out and say – I’m sorry and I’m going to love you better. Starting right now. Remember how you used to dream about singing your own songs? Whether it’s in the living room at home or on a stage, you should do that. The music is still inside you. Remember how you used to dance? So carefree and liberated. You should do that again. Don’t be afraid of getting the moves wrong. Be more afraid of not trying at all. Remember how you used to handwrite birthday cards for all your friends instead of posting on Facebook? You should definitely start doing that again! I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m here for you and I DO want you to be your BEST self. I promise to be better and I promise to start by loving YOU… 

Love Me. x