Four Ways to Support Fellow Females this International Women’s Day



From woman to woman, don’t you think it’s high time we started to support each other a little more and a little better? With International Women’s Day upon us, there couldn’t be a better time to start. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to treat yo’ fellow female fighters with a little extra L-O-V-E…


Be Happy for Her


As women, we are often thieves of our own joy because we constantly compare our lives to those of other people. From our favourite fitspo fanatics on Instagram who we are secretly (or not so secretly) fan-girling over, to our actual best friends – we are always comparing and it is such a killjoy. Why don’t we have a 6-pack like her? Why don’t we have a boyfriend like she does? Why don’t we get to travel the world like her? These overwhelming thoughts make it hard to simply be happy for your fellow femmes (and yourself), especially when they have great news to share. But rule number one is – and yes, we’re making this one a RULE – BE HAPPY FOR HER. No matter what your situation. Her happiness is your happiness. When she wins, you win too. Excitement all round. #bliss


No Harmful Gossiping


Next time you’re gearing up to have your own real-life Gossip Girl (season 5) session, remember this quote written by none other than fearless female Eleanor Roosevelt.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Don’t be small – be vibrant, amazing and out-of-this-WORLD! Be great. Simply because you have every reason to be.


Pay Her a Compliment


Remember that time the new girl in the office wore those crazy weird shoes to work and you secretly loved them but said nothing? Don’t hold back! Compliment away! “By the way, I think your shoes are outrageously cute”. She’ll smile, you’ll smile and suddenly you’ll both feel a little better about yourselves. Easy as words.



We’d like to say “when all else fails there’s chocolate” but let’s be honest, we don’t need anything to fail to need chocolate – we just need chocolate! With the benefits of our superfood friend cacao, chocolate helps when things aren’t going great and when they are. Show her you care. Give her chocolate. The end. 



Talk to us. How do you support your female friends? Or what’s the most supportive thing another female has done for you?




Kelly Bastaja is our very own in-house motivational mantra devotee. With a background in fashion, styling and all things arty, her dreamy vocabulary is another trick up her sleeve. Kelly works here at Lorna Jane HQ as a Creative & Content Specialist and inspires us all to believe that anything is possible. With a keen eye for street style and love of berry-topped Bircher bowls, Kelly has a certain ‘je ne said quoi’ that keeps our office lively, creative and aspirational.