Detox & Declutter – How To Build a Quality Lifestyle


Like with any trend, society goes through its waves of what’s important in fashion, culture and what we’re all supposed to want.


Whether we were around for it or not, the 80’s culture of ‘greed is good’ and excess as a demonstration of wealth is well known, and now often looked down on… as we sip overpriced coffee and nom on $15 avocado on toast ;) 


While I agree that the choice of gym wear was pretty terrifying back then (thank you again Lorna for coming along and rescuing us from that!) how far have we actually come from that general outlook?


While we may not admit to being greedy, we’re certainly consuming almost everything at an alarming rate. We’ve become a throw away society where so many things are only built to last for a short time or for a short attention span.


Once we’re done, we happily move onto the next thing.


Admittedly, this can be fun at first, but it’s also pretty exhausting. Always looking for the bigger better deal means that we’re less likely to appreciate what we have. Not having to save up and wait for something that we really want, devalues its importance to us. And having as much information as we want (and more than we need in some cases) on hand 24/7 means that we continue to pile more and more physical, emotional and mental ‘stuff’ into our lives.


No wonder we’re all so overwhelmed!


So why don’t we take a step back to simplify and focus on quality over quantity?


Let’s declutter from all of the noise and things that hold little value, and invest our energy into the simple things that help us grow, learn, bring genuine happiness and actually add value to our lives.



3 tips to start prioritising quality 


How valuable is it to you?


Next time you’re going to buy something ask yourself, “If I had to save up for 1 month to get this, and not buy anything else ‘unnecessary’, would I still want it?”

Also think about that value it’s going to add and how long you’re going to use it for. Sometimes it might be best to walk away without it, others it’s worth investing in a higher quality item that will last longer and give you more value. 

Remember, value isn’t a cheaper price tag! 


Move on and say bye-bye!


Anything you have not worn or used in 6-8 months, pack it away.


If you haven’t looked for it or needed it by the end of 12 months, donate it. There is someone out there who may really value and need what you’ve had collecting dust and taking up space. 


By clearing out old things you’re giving them new life as well as creating more space in your world for things, thoughts or experiences that will benefit you more.

Don’t be afraid to let it go to allow new things to come … whoa – deep!


Invest in what counts.


Invest in what counts by making sure that everything important or that takes up a lot of time in your life is of a high quality. For example:


Your friendships and relationships by spending time together, appreciating and supporting each other and encouraging positivity, growth and happiness.


Your food by eating fresh, whole and nutritious foods that make you feel great! Enjoy cooking and nourishing your body and knowing your body deserves to be treated well – it’s doing an awesome job!


Your knowledge, news, information and entertainment. Opt for well researched and sourced news and knowledge pieces, qualified information and entertainment that makes you feel good or provokes thought and conversation. Feed your mind as you do your body, lots of nutritious ‘food’ and limiting junk.


And… of course your Activewear! ;) 



Every decade has its hallmarks. Its fads, fashions, causes and ‘norms’. As we press closer and closer to the 2020’s (… sorry, just had a mild freakout when I typed that) we are increasingly looking to where we want to be and what lessons we can learn.


So why don’t we start detoxing from the quantity and start investing in quality. By doing this you’ll be building an uncluttered life which will allow you to spend time on and enjoy all of the things that actually matter. 


I guarantee that by doing this you’ll have a much clearer mind, which will help you focus on what you actually want and give you the space and energy to go out there and grab it!



Are you going to to a quality audit and detox on clutter?