5 Minutes with Ange Simson for Active Nation Day

We can’t seem to get enough of our favourite gratitude guru, Ange Simson. Her ever-inspiring nature and infectious energy are so aspirational and we just LOVE her outlook on life. We take five with our Brisbane Active Nation Day host to talk about why Active Living is so important to her… 




What inspires you?

So much!  I find that I’m really inspired lately by choice.  We have the choice to be our best self every day, the choice to surround ourselves with conscious and light people, the choice to be grateful, the choice of what my goals are and I’m always inspired when I achieve them, the choice to be honest with our bodies and respect how they need to move and feed them nourishing clean meals.  Each day we get to choose to be our best self and I find that so inspiring to remember every time I wake up. 


What drives you every day to do what you do?

That it makes me happy!  It sounds selfish but each day I do what I do so that I can be living the best life possible.  While people say it’s short, life is also a very long time and I don’t want to live the same day twice.  I want to be the best me I can be so that I raise my daughters to be grateful and sweet as children but strong, independent and kind as adults.  I want to show my husband how much I love him so that not a day goes by when he might think I say those three words out of habit.  I want to inspire each woman to know her worth and how incredible she can make her life just by choosing to put herself first. My drive is in making my life incredible and the ripple effect I know will spread through doing that.  




How important is being fit, healthy and positive to you?

If you’re struggling to get up off the floor or couch, can’t make it up the stairs at work or collapse into bed each night absolutely exhausted, it’s hard to feel happy and positive.  Being fit and having a body that can do what you need it to is a big part of all over wellbeing.  When your body feels strong and grounded, it’s easier for your mind to feel that way.  Same goes with food.  If you’re struggling to digest a food like substance and relying on sugar highs to get you through the afternoon, you won’t be able to make the impact on your life that you want to.  It’s the wellness trifecta, having a healthy exercise routine, eating food to nourish and energise you and being able to see the good in yourself and the world at all times.  


My current MNB intentions


Move: More yoga and stretching to increase my flexibility for when our baby girl arrives! 

Nourish: Pre preparing more healthy snacks to deal with my increased appetite right now.

Believe: Future focused goal setting so I know I can achieve what I wish to before the year is out. 


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