30 Days of BELIEVE: The E-Book



At Lorna Jane, Active Living is our jam. It’s the daily practice of 3 things – Move, Nourish, Believe. It’s easy to understand what moving is, and how to nourish your insides but what is BELIEVE and how do we do it? 


To help de-bunk some of the myths and get everyone started on their very own journeys of self-belief, we’ve created a brand new e-book, ’30 Days of Believe’. This book was designed as the perfect companion to help anyone and everyone dig a little deeper and strive for their potential. 


We want you to be the YOU that you picture in your mind. We want you to truly own yourself, understand your best qualities and how to use them. We want you to wake up everyday and BELIEVE that amazing things are absolutely going to happen. We want you to realise that your potential is limitless and YOU’VE GOT THIS!


This e-book is totally free, we’ve created this with the goodness in our hearts because THAT’S how much we believe in you! There is one condition… We want to spread the word as much as possible so if you download a copy, please pay it forward and share it with a friend! 


Get your copy right here!