Strong Abs, Solid Core – Strength & Stability Workout. 6 Moves, Zero Equipment.



Your second ‘Bonus Workout’ on the Active Living Program this week is a core focussed circuit demonstrated by Ash Freeman.

This workout is all about building that core strength and stability.

A killer core doesn’t just mean great abs, it’s also key in providing you with a solid foundation to enable great form and posture as well as helping prevent injury. 


That’s a win-win in our books! 👊


Workout 2 – Core Stability 


Complete x 4 Rounds


30-60 second plank hold


10 side plank pulses (each side)


20 leg raises


20 Russian twists


10 back extensions



On to the next round! <high five!>




What’s been your favourite workout on the Active Living Program so far? 



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