5 Moves for Amazing Arms – Workout



Every week on the Active Living Program we have bonus workouts to keep you moving between your Cardio, Strength and Stretch workouts. 


This week we have 5 ‘do anywhere’ moves to target your arms (and core). Whether your building strength to carry all of your shopping or are ready to flash your guns in your fave tank top, this is the workout for you! Flexed Biceps on Apple


A big thank you to our amazing trainers Brittney Kleyn, Grace Teale and Alexa Towersey for demonstrating these moves for us xx



Let’s do this!!



Arm Attack!


Complete 3  Rounds



10 x Hand Release Push-Ups


30 Seconds Plank Hold


10 Tricep Dips


30 Seconds High Plank Hold


10 Shoulder Taps


60 second Rest

Grinning Face With Sweat on Apple


On To the Next Round! Boxing Glove on Apple


Done and done! Oncoming Fist on Apple


Show us your moves! Snap and share @lornajaneactive @ljclarkson #activelivingprogram 


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