What Is Fit Friday & Why Is It Important?

Wear Your Activewear To Work Day – Fit Friday


Fit Friday is something we do every day here at Lorna Jane and we’re sharing the love (and fantastic benefits!) with everyone by introducing Fit Friday. 


So, what is Fit Friday? It’s a proactive wellness initiative where companies encourage their team to wear their Activewear to work on Fit Friday (the last Friday of every month). Easy!




We’re super passionate about educating, encouraging and empowering people to live happier and healthier lifestyles. So we want to make it as easy as possible for people to prioritise their health and fitness. 


We launched the Active Living Program at the beginning of this year to remove the barrier of cost, so our next stage is to create additional opportunities for people to be more active during their day. Considering we spend so much time at work, the answer seemed simple – Let’s bring Active Living into the workplace! 


We’re all busy and have a million things on the go, so we need to make it simple and convenient to be active and to consider our health when we’re making decisions through the day. Wearing Activewear to work is a super easy way to achieve this.  Because our mind associates wearing Activewear with being active!


You will be more motivated to get up and move around, go to people’s desks to ask questions and to take the stairs.  You’re more likely to go for a walk at lunchtime and ditch the 4pm excuses, because you’re able to head straight out to the gym, to walk the dog or to your favourite class. You’re also more mindful about decisions you make about your health and wellbeing.


You will also be more productive and motivated at work – because you’re comfortable and energetic!


But it’s more than being comfortable and going for walks (although that is awesome). It’s also about promoting and supporting a healthier, happier workplace all-round. We all know that health statistics are alarming and lifestyle diseases are still on the rise. By introducing healthy habits through the day that are simple, people are more likely the carry them on at home. Plus you have the support of your whole team to help inspire, motivate and keep you on track!




Either speak to your Boss or HR Team to let them know about Fit Friday and tell them that you want to be a part of it. You can share this post with them if you like or direct them here to learn more smile


Or, you can register your business to participate by filling out the form below. Easy!


Then all you need to do is to bring it to life in your workplace by spreading the word and setting up fun ways to be more active through the day. (After you sign up, you’re directed to a page with some hints, tips and resources to get you started!) 


Let’s get active on Fit Friday!


To be a part of Fit Friday, register your company below and encourage your team to wear their favourite Activewear and take the opportunity to be more active at work on Fit Friday every month.


Not ‘the boss’? No problem. Go and see your HR Manager and/or Manager and sell the Fit Friday dream to them!

Send them the link to this page so they can sign up and get all of the info. You’ll be the office hero!


Oh, before you go… Have you signed up to the Active Living Program yet? Your FREE wellness program bringing you weekly Move workouts, Nourish meal plans and Believe practices. More than 800,000 members can’t be wrong! xx

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