Warm Up Week – Day 5 – Shopping List


Day 5 of the Lorna Jane Active Living Program Warm Up Week already!


Today we’re all about preparation, as we all know that today’s preparation determines tomorrows achievement!  


We’ve set up a shopping list of the key ingredients that you’ll need for week 1 on the Active Living Program so you can download and/or print out and head straight out to do your grocery shopping (don’t forget your reusable shopping bags wink ).


Download your Shopping List here!


This list covers all of your base ingredients but not ingredients for the suggested recipes. This is because everyone is a little different and may want to swap some of the recipes. Or, you might prefer building your own meals based on the guides provided. 


If you’re keen to use the recipes suggested, here is a list of all on the MNB recipes in week 1 so you can add the ingredients to your list :) 


Nourish Recipes suggested in week 1:

Banana Bread Inspo

Overnight Oats Inspo

Pancake Inspo

Healthy Fried Rice

Taco – Healthy Fish Taco

Honey Roasted Carrot Salad 

Fish & Chips

10 Minute Nourishing Dinner Bowl

Crispy Carrot Fries



If you haven’t signed up to start the Active Living Program on Monday 15 January, head over here so you can become the happiest, healthier and fittest version of you! heart




Which recipe are you looking forward to trying the most?