Warm Up Week – Day 3 – Believe Meditation


Hello Day 3!

How are you feeling? Pumped and ready for a new MNB exercise to add to your new routine? Thought so :) 


Today we talk Believe, because we know that it’s the Believe aspect that makes all of the difference. How you treat and feel about yourself and how you nurture your emotions, mind and mental state are fundamental when it comes to building a wellness routine that will support you longterm. 

It’s also the foundation to having a positive, loving relationship with the most important person… YOU! (You can learn more in Lorna’s newest book, Love You. Head here to get your hands on a copy heart )


The perfect foundation to a solid Believe practice is mindful meditation. Taking a few minutes each morning will give you back more than you can image.


So, let’s get started with a simple morning meditation routine. 


Download Your Day 3 Meditation Here!


Download Your Full Warm Up Week Plan Here.


Stay tuned for a special early preview of the Active Living Program Week 1 coming VERY soon wink