Lorna Jane Active Living Awards

What do you get when you combine a nourishing breakfast spread, a stunning location and 50 incredibly inspiring women who all share the same philosophy? The Lorna Jane Active Living Awards, which we were lucky enough to celebrate on Friday September 23 at the breathtakingly beautiful Twitter Australia Offices in sunny Sydney.


Aimed at celebrating the famous Lorna Jane Active Living Philosophy – the very thing our leading lady credits to helping her stay fit and healthy amidst her hectic schedule – the awards were aimed at recognizing and celebrating amazing women who are inspiring others and creating positive change through Active Living.


As the first year we held these awards, we were completely blown away by the sheer number of nominations we received and were touched by each and every one of your amazing stories. From personal trainers and athletes right through to entrepreneurs and regular people just doing their thing, the one thing each one of the hundreds of nominees had in common (aside from their commitment to Active Living) was the fact that they were all female… talk about girl power! 



Huge shout out to our fabulous finalists:

Kayla Itsines, Turia Pitt, Bianca Morely, Alexa Towersey, Taylah Hemming, Dr Libby Weaver, Melissa Ambrosini, Kate Kendall, Ange Simson and Layne Beachley.



The Active Living Awards breakfast, hosted by the amazing Jules Sebastian and Lorna Jane Clarkson saw more than 50 seriously amazing women including finalists, their friends & family and health and fitness media come together for a nourishing breakfast including Tumeric Pana Cotta, Chia Pudding, Frittata, Cold Pressed Juices and selection of tantalising tonics ahead of the big announcement.






When it comes to self-love, Melissa Ambrosini knows how it’s done. After getting stuck in a vicious cycle of fear and self-loathe – something us women can all be guilty of doing from time to time – she finally figured out how to master and silence that inner ‘Mean Girl’.  After seeing the profound effect this had on all areas of her life, she decided to dedicate her time to helping as many women as she can do the same. The author, entrepreneur and self-love teacher is passionate about helping inspire women, and she proves that choosing love over fear is the ‘on’ switch to your dream life. 


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2016 active living awards first runner up, Taylah Hemming 


Taylah Hemming has always been active, but her true journey with Active Living started after a boating accident in 2013 left her with burns to 30% of her body. Spending months in hospital receiving skin grafts and physiotherapy to teach her to walk again, Taylah turned to Lorna Jane’s books and famous ‘inspo’ tanks to stay motivated and inspired to Never Give Up. Determined to come out on top, Taylah transformed her life through Active Living and just 3 years later, the physiotherapy student has a driving passion to inspire others to embrace Active Living the same way she did, not only for its physical benefits, but for its mental benefits too.




2016 active living awards second runner up, Kate Kendall 

While opening your own Yoga & Fitness studio is a dream, it also comes with a lot of late nights, fatigue and stress, which Kate Kendall can definitely vouch for. With all her time focused on the business, Kate unintentionally abandoned her meditation practices, her relationships and her health, which ultimately led to a loss of self-connection. After taking some time out, she remembered how great it felt to take care of herself again and is passionate about empowering others to experience the joy that only comes from gratitude, connection and daily stillness. 





And last but certainly not least, thank-you to each and everyone one of YOU, the amazing women in the Lorna Jane community, who inspire us every single day. 

Big thank you to our Award Sponsors Twitter and  Peppers Resorts.