Happy Canada Day! 3 Ways to Celebrate.


Canada on Apple Oh Canada – you beautiful country! So fantastic that every day is Canada Day… surely!

Given that 1st July is ‘officially’ Canada Day, we wanted to share 3 simple MNB ways to show your national pride – the red and white way. 


Pack a picnic!


What better way to enjoy the day than by kicking back on a red and white blanket with your family and friends? 

Head to your local park, roll out that blanket and spend the day chomping on delicious snacks, playing a few ‘friendly’ games or just chilling out.


Here are our top tips for a perfect picnic:


Don’t forget the goodies!

Mix up your basket with a selection of salads, sandwiches or wraps, savoury nibbles and crowd pleasing treats. Finger foods are great as they cut down on the need for utensils! Check out this perfect picnic combo, this delicious plant based picnic menu and these peanut butter & jelly banana bread or vegan wagon wheels for some red and white (ish) themed food. 


Divide and conquer!

If your picnic is going to be more of a mass than a quiet affair, why not share the load? By having a pot luck rather than taking on all of the hosting yourself, everyone can feel a part of the action. That way everyone can contribute as well as have a bit of relax time. Here are our tips to pot luck like a pro!


Bring some entertainment.

As much as chatting and chilling is lovely, it’s always good to have a little extra entertainment up your sleeve. Bring a mix of sports equipment, board / card games and any of your family classics that are sure to create tradition. Depending on your location, consider bringing some musical instruments or a great playlist to set the mood.



Take a hike!


Get outside and soak up all of the goodness nature delivers (check out all of the amazing benefits that working out outdoors gives us here).

Choose a track that matches your intention for the day. If you’re ready to get the most out of your day, pick a trail that has plenty of hills and challenges so you can get your sweat on! If a mindful meander is more the order of the day, visit a track that offers lots of sights, sounds and natural beauty for you to take in.



Hit the road!


Pack up the car and hit the road! Nothing that says summer more than a road trip, so pack up your ride and head on out for an adventure. 


Road trip essentials:

  • Snacks and drinks – Obviously
  • Playlists – Yes, I said lists, plural. Even if you’re trip is a fairly short one, it’s good to have options. As much fun as it looked in How I Met Your Mother, having hours (or days) of The Proclaimers is not a recipe for a successful trip. BUT always make sure that you have plenty of power ballads / sing-a-long songs included. 
  • In car charger. No-one needs to run out of juice while on the go. 
  • Sleeping bags and blankets – For if you decide to sleep out or just spend some time kicking back and soaking in the atmosphere of wherever you end up. 
  • Games – Card or ‘on the road’ games. Make sure you make a list of lots of options for all occasions. 
  • A notepad or journal – To record all of your amazing memories… and keep tabs on who wins the games. 
  • Travel mug and reusable containers – Ditch the single use plastic and have your own containers refilled.
  • Torch – To play spotlight or incase you need to find something (or someone) in the dark.
  • Important car things – If you’re going a long way, make sure your trusty automobile is up to the journey and you have all of the equipment you need for the type of journey you’re taking Automobile on Apple


How are you spending Canada Day?

Share your top tips with us xx