How Wearing Activewear Actually Makes You More Active

Welcome to September where we’re celebrating 30 days of Active Living.


Sunday 30th September is Active Nation Day, where we come together as a community to prioritise our health and wellbeing by getting moving!

In the lead up to Active Nation Day, we’re challenging you to put on your Activewear (because when you wear your Activewear you will be more active!) and make a commitment to move daily.  


It’s a simple as that. We’ve even put together a handy calendar to help you keep active through September!


Download your 30 Days of Active Living Plan here!!

How does wearing Activewear make you more active?


Much like wearing your ‘power suit’ to a big presentation or your lucky socks for your sports match, wearing Activewear makes you more active!


  • You associate wearing your Activewear with being active so are more likely to get moving through the day and more mindful about making healthy choices. 
  • You’re more comfortable so can take the stairs rather than the elevator or walk to someone’s desk to ask a question rather than send an email.
  • It’s easier to transition between workout and work. No Excuses! You can head straight to the gym after work without getting distracted by going home to change.
  • What you wear actually affects your mindset, scientists refer to it as ‘enclothed cognition’. The type of clothes you wear is shown to have a psychological impact and can influence how you feel about yourself, your behaviour and your actions. So, to be more active…wear your Activewear! Science – yeah! bigsmile

Give it a try and see for yourself! Wear your Activewear each day this month and you’ll see the power or Activewear!


Did you know … 


Did you know that 29 years ago a bright-eyed aerobics instructor decided to make her own gym wear by cutting up her favourite swimsuit?


Lorna Jane Clarkson spent her time running between teaching aerobics classes, her job and study and wanted clothes that were stylish enough to be seen in as well as being comfortable and functional.

Unable to find anything she liked, Lorna began making her own! Before long, women in her classes were placing custom orders and she spent her evenings and weekends cutting patterns on her living room floor and sewing at her kitchen table.


When Lorna saw how motivated, energetic and confident these women became when they wore her designs, she knew that she could make a positive difference to the health and happiness of women beyond her classes. ‘Lorna Jane’ was founded.


Credited with the creation of the Activewear category, Lorna saw the positive power of wearing Activewear and is passionate about sharing this with women globally. 



How does wearing your Activewear make you feel?