MNB Fast 5 – Active Living Hacks for Busy Mum’s


This week our MNB Fast 5 is courtesy of Sleep Consultant and Mum to twins, Kylie Camps.

Kylie shares her Fast 5 Hacks for Busy Mums:


Connect the dots between food and feelings.

I am sure you have all heard the saying “we are what we eat” and “eating our feelings” when it comes to going through a hard time. What if we flipped it around and made it all about eating good feelings? What foods make you feel great?

Eating to FEEL good and have enough energy to last the day is life changing. In my early twenties, I had a poor relationship with food. It took a lot of work over a few years but I was able to change my mindset by tracking how food made me feel. At first I would jot it down on a notepad to monitor how certain foods affected me and look at those notes analytically to see what made me feel sluggish or dissatisfied. I was then able to move towards intuitive eating.

I have stuck with this for years now and have never felt better. It means listening to your body and being aware of how you feel during and after eating . That awareness makes it easy to choose the ‘right’ foods for me.


Sleep as though your life depends on it, because it does.

When our sleep is compromised so is every area of our life, we are likely to be less patient, irritable, moody, angry and even anxious. Quality sleep improves the quality of your life. Tune into your sleep to notice how well you sleep and how much rest you are currently achieving overnight.

Work out your sleep number by tracking your bedtime, wake time and your energy levels the next day. Some people do well with 6-7 hours of rest, while others really need a minimum of 8. Once you know how many hours of sleep make you feel your best, you can plan your bedtime and wake time to suit and ensure you’re achieving that critical rest, so you can be your best self.

Invest in a quality running pram.

It is the single best investment we made for our family! Even if you don’t run, you will find getting out and about for walks much more enjoyable when you have a lightweight and versatile pram. It will help you to get outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight each day.  


When it comes to exercise, get to know what you enjoy and need the most in your life right now.

Ask yourself when is the best time of day to do it?  If you are trying to commit to a time of day or activity that you just don’t enjoy, you’re fighting a losing battle. Set yourself up for success by looking at exercise as an enjoyable pursuit and way to add value to your life!

For example, some people love the buzz of a boot camp or group fitness class. They thrive off not having to think of exercises and the camaraderie. For me though, my workout time is my time to be alone. I’m with my children most of the time, and I love them dearly, but I also love my own space and solitude. Exercise for me at this stage in my life is an independent activity.


Likewise, with the timing of when you plan to move your body. If you are simply not a morning person and never have been, than committing to a 5:00am gym class may not work out well. Perhaps an evening yoga session or post work squad training is far more realistic for you. People often get caught up in ‘what is the best exercise?’ but I think the truth is, the best exercise is the type you’re likely to do and enjoy.  


Dress the part.

My number one tip for making sure you move your body is to literally dress for it. When I dress in my Activewear first thing in the morning I feel as though I’m already priming myself for movement. I’m more likely to walk to the shops and head outdoors with the kids. If I’m not in my Activewear I’m way more inclined to drive.

It’s such a simple little routine hack but it can increase your activity levels easily.  Plus, I’m more fun when I’m dressed for activity- it’s easy to join in on the playground and chase the kids around or bust out a few stretches or exercises mid play!


There you have it, 5 simple tips to help you make Active Living easy even as a very busy (and tired!) Mum. 

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