Active Living

The Active Living Philosophy

Ak-tiv Liv-ing (verb)
Getting more out of your life by giving more of yourself everyday.

At Lorna Jane we want each and every woman to live her most authentic life through Active Living. When practiced daily, this philosophy is the key to unlocking your best and most amazing life and is proof that there really is no limit to what you’re capable of achieving.

Active Living is a philosophy which extends far beyond the realms of just exercise – sure regular sweat sessions are an important part of your daily ritual; but it’s about so much more.

Active Living is a complete way of life that can be achieved with three simple steps – all you have to do is Move Nourish and Believe. When you Move your body everyday, Nourish from the inside out and Believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it, you’re marking a commitment to living actively and authentically, and we promise you’ll be dazzled with the results!