Introducing the Active Living Program.

A free, easy to follow wellness plan from Lorna Jane. 


More than 800,000 members can’t be wrong!



The Lorna Jane Active Living Program is the wellness program built to help you live a life you love, designed to help you become the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of you! 





Following Lorna Jane’s daily practice of Move Nourish Believe, the Active Living Program gives you: do-anywhere workout videos, nourishing meal guides, as well as daily inspiration, all planned out for you on a weekly basis.

The plans are designed for women on-the-go, busy women like you! So they’re easy to download and follow. 


MOVE : Varied workouts you can do anywhere, including videos and guest trainers

NOURISH: Meal guides with a variety of delicious recipes to fuel and nourish your body

BELIEVE: Practices, tips and guides to inspire, motivate and empower you


PLUS; bonus content, behind the scenes scoops, insider tips and staying connected by sharing your progress and wins – all via @lornajaneactive and @ljclarkson


It’s quick and completely free to sign up in 2 steps!


Step 1:

Follow @lornajaneactive and @ljclarkson

Step 2:

Complete the sign up form (here) so you can access your plans


What next?

  • Once you join, you’ll receive a confirmation email with additional details on what to expect as well as a link to the Active Living dashboard where you can access your weekly plans – easy!
  • You can get started right away by clicking to go to your Active Living Homepage in the green banner after you sign-up.
  • TIP: We recommend that you save the link to the Homepage to your favourites so you can access super quickly and easily in future!
  • Tag/share with your workout buddies and get them involved too! 
  • Get ready to Move Nourish Believe together on the Active Living Program :) 




What are you waiting for? Your best active life starts right here, right now.




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