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Welcome to MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE, the home of the Lorna Jane Active Living Philosophy (we’re so glad you stopped by)! This is a place to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. A space where you will always be encouraged to live your best, most beautiful life.

 Our ‘why’ is simple: to inspire women to live their best life through Active Living. 

What started as just three-little-words is now so much more and has influenced a global movement of beautiful women who are moving together towards their healthiest and happiest lives. It also stands as a lifestyle for the fabulously fit and serves as a daily reminder to get more out of life, by giving more of yourself everyday.

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At MNB it is our promise to you to be authentic, to speak from the heart and to dish up daily, credible and original content, stunning photography and down to earth advice on all facets of life. From healthy food and style to living, working out and cultivating self-love, we know first hand how truly amazing this way of life feels, so we’re simply here to help give you the tools you need to create your very own practice.

We believe a woman who is inspired is unstoppable. We also believe that this way of life has the ability to change your life (for the better) and we’re so thrilled to be part of your journey.

Our customers, our readers (you) are the reason we exist, and are our #1 source of inspiration. They are living proof that this lifestyle holds some serious magic.

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We’re 100% committed to digging up the dirt and unearthing new and exciting ways you can live your best and most amazing active life, the one you deserve. And with the help of Move Nourish Believe, that life starts right now. 




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