My Active Life: Carla Oates Makes Her Famous Glow Blueberry Smoothie!

ALV_CarlaOates2_banner2Want to glow from the inside out? After Lorna’s chat with beauty extraordinaire Carla Oates, the author and beauty chef gives us an insight into getting gleaming skin.

Join Carla as she shows Lorna the perfect smoothie recipe that is oh-so delicious and will have you on your way to feeling and looking your best.


Want the good news? This smoothie is so good for you! It’s jam-packed full of nutrients that feed your skin on the inside so it GLOWS on the outside.

+ Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory and give your skin a boost in radiance that no amount of cosmetics can replicate.

+ Chia seeds are a great source of fibre, omega 3’s and protein, which makes them super nourishing and collagen building as well as great helpers for eliminating toxins.

+ Almond milk contains vitamin E to protect and repair your skin.

+ Cinnamon acts as a fabulous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and wrinkle fighter.

Plus your body and skin will soak up all the nutrient dense, fermented super foods found in The Beauty Chef’s GLOW Inner Beauty Powder including prebiotics and probiotics.

This not only helps to support and balance digestive health – as Carla says, “Good skin begins in your gut”, but the nutrients in fermented foods are five times more available to the body than non-fermented foods.

Get ready for a huge boost in energy! Last but not least, GLOW girl!

My Active Life: Carla Oates Makes Her Famous Glow Blueberry Smoothie!

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Total Time:
Servings: Serves 2

  • 2 cups frozen berries
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tsp. The Beauty Chef GLOW Inner Beauty Powder
  • 2 tsp. chia seeds (ideally soaked overnight)
  • 2 cups almond milk
How to make it:
  • Blend all the ingredients together and serve.

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