Katie Willcox – True Believer

true – truː/ = real; genuine; authentic:

believer – bɪˈliːvə/ = to have confidence in; to have faith in; to have a strong belief:


True Believer = a person who professes absolute belief in something



It is no secret that Katie Willcox is stunning, so it’s no surprise that she has over 15 years experience working as a model. 

But what you may not know is that after choosing her health and wellbeing over subscribing to the ‘perception’ of an ideal body shape for her industry, Katie’s weight changed and she was considered too small for ‘plus sized’ modelling. 

Rather than changing her physical appearance to fit the standard or quit, Katie decided to challenge the status quo and made moves to change the industry, for the better.


Starting up her blog  Healthy Is The New Skinny (HNS) which is now a thriving business and social movement, Katie shares her knowledge and experience to help bring attention to the unhealthy aspects of the beauty and modelling industries, and the unrealistic beauty standards they set. She instead promotes a healthy lifestyle and an attitude of self-love.


Now an author, motivational speaker and founder of her own model agency, Katie Willcox’s story proves that you don’t have to accept ‘what has always been’ and that it only takes one person to create positive change and begin a movement. But, that person needs to believe truly and deeply in their message and care passionately about the change they are creating, just like Katie does.


Meet Katie Willcox, Lorna Jane True Believer…


Katie Willcox – True Believer 



Describe yourself in 5 words:

Funny, ambitious, open-minded, kind, connected  


Who inspires you and why?

I don’t focus on people as my form of inspiration. Instead, I like to focus on what others can accomplish and how they can contribute important and good things to the world. 


What drives you every day to strive for your goals?

I know I am living my best life and the work I do is my purpose. My husband says “You know we can basically retire in a few years and do nothing but raise kids and have fun.” There is a part of me that thinks that sounds nice, but the other side of me would feel incomplete.

I don’t do the work I do for money, and therefore it will never be what drives me. I do it because I know I can make a difference.


How do you maintain self-belief through challenging times?

I heard someone say once “What is meant for me is always meant for me” and it stuck. Instead of trying to force things to happen to me or for me, instead, I think, “I hope I will be used where I am needed the most.”

I trust that what is meant for me is always meant for me and so I work to be prepared for the opportunities that are meant for me. This is a much healthier practice than comparison or always looking at what others are doing, and it allows me to be confident and supportive of other women.


Quick fire Favourites:


Book: Healthy is the new Skinny. Does that make me a narcist? LOL, it is my favorite book because it was so damn hard to write. 

Place: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (We live there part of the year.)

Food: Thai food

Drink: Sparkling water

Tunes: I love a mix

Quote: “What is meant for me is always meant for me.”

Sound: My daughter saying “I love you.”

Instagram Account: @oracleofyoursoul 


How do you Move?

I run after my daughter, I love spin class, and I love being outside.


How do you Nourish?

Living in our social media culture that fuels all the negative aspects of human nature, it is important to feed the good and loving sides of ourselves as well. I nourish my mind by following inspiring and thought-provoking content and accounts.

I nourish my body by not focusing on what it looks like day in and out. I love to cook healthy recipes and also eat pizza; it’s called balance.

I nourish my spirit by laughing a lot. Thankfully, I have a hilarious husband who makes me laugh every day. Joy is a powerful thing, and we welcome it into our home. 


How do you Believe?

I listen to my intuition and inner voice, even when it scares me. I have been feeling guided to take my business a new direction. I feel it is what I should do and I am but that that doesn’t mean it isn’t scary or that I don’t fear failure. I do! But I trust in myself, and I leave the rest up to the universe. So far it has been going great! 


If you could share one piece of advice, what would it be?

Question everything! It is okay to question your belief systems and even create your own! Keep an open mind to the wonders of life and learn as much as you can. 



Who inspires you through their incredible drive and self belief?



Katie Willcox, model, author, motivational speaker and founder of Natural Model Management.

After dropping down to a size 10, a healthy size for her 5’9 frame, Katie was no longer considered big enough for plus-size modeling. Instead of quitting the industry, Katie decided she wanted to change it and created Healthy Is The New Skinny (HNS).

Since launching Healthy Is The New Skinny, the new mom has developed HNS clothing lines, co-hosts her podcast with former fit-model husband, Brad and has been a featured speaker around the world.

Making her debut as an author this year, Katie released her book, Healthy Is The New Skinny: Your Guide to Self-Love In A ‘Picture Perfect’ World, in which she offers a breakthrough approach to healthy body image. Katie shares personal stories and experiences as a “plus size” model, girl boss, and overall flawed human being in a perfection-obsessed society.