Pregnancy can be fashionable AND comfortable



Activewear is my absolute go-to. Whether I’m dancing around the Dance Barre Brisbane studio, filming for the launch of Katie Dickens Online Workouts, at home or out and about, you’ll pretty much always find me in activewear! I’m someone who has always stuck to brands that I know, love and rely on. Since I can remember I’ve been decked out in head-to-toe Lorna Jane activewear. It’s easy; I know what size I am, I know what fit I like, and I know that I can pop into any store I can, buy straight off the rack and be totally happy with my purchase (and maybe a little obsessed!)


Since finding out I was pregnant my activewear wardrobe has definitely expanded – I’m not complaining wink – but I was annoyed to find that even by week 12 I was outgrowing my favourite crops, cute tights and tight singlets. As my belly started to grow rapidly at the 16 week mark, I realised quickly that it was time to find some pregnancy-friendly workout gear. I thought that I would have to shop at dowdy maternity wear shops and cover my bump in clothing that made me feel even more self-conscious, but thankfully it wasn’t the case. One step into Lorna Jane and a few changes later I had a whole new maternity wardrobe. 




I know first-hand that when shopping for maternity clothing, there are three things in any new-mums mind; support, comfort, and (of course) fashion. To help guide you through the process of maternity shopping for activewear that fits your bump, I’ve included a few tips below!


Keep it comfy in the original LJ Pant


As I have always said, comfort is absolutely key. My Lorna Jane pants from way back when are still my absolute favourites and a go-to now during my pregnancy. The stretchy band means that they are easy to roll down under bump, but will also sit nicely on top! They are made out of a great material, and will stretch over bub without being too restrictive or putting too much pressure on the tummy. It really proved to me that you don’t have to shop at maternity shops, I can still wear my Lorna’s and feel myself! I love these ¾ pants, but you can take your pick – they really all are great maternity options.



Get pretty – and practical – in the supportive crop



What’s not to love about these bright colours and thick bands? I’ve been steering towards the clip up at the back crops, which makes getting my crops on a whole lot easier – my flexibility in my torso is not so great these days! I especially love the vibrancy and the way I feel when I pop one of these crops on. Yes – we are pregnant and yes, our chest is growing – but we are still active women wanting to feel good. Bright colours and support really help in building my confidence and make me feel more alive on those early morning starts at Dance Barre.



Belly-covering shirts


I really thought that finding nice, tight activewear tops which fit over my belly would be a nightmare – no-one likes a shirt that looks too small for them. But one stop in at Lorna Jane and I knew I was wrong. They have a huge selection of fitted and loose fitting shirts which are made of a great stretchy material – good old lycra and spandex (will stretch over bump and still stay in shape!) and are long in the torso to get all the way over that big bump.

I love this one – gorgeous colour, tight-fitting to bump, and super comfy!


The cosy must-haves


As winter draws in I am definitely looking for something to cover up and stay cosy in, whether at home, in the Dance Barre studio, or out and about. A lot of sports winter warmers are either super baggy or super tight – neither of which are great for me and the growing bump! As soon as it got cooler I headed to my local Lorna and picked up one of their new winter collection hoodies. What I love is that I can be warm, comfy and still feel good – the cut and shape of these are perfect to comfortably sit over bump!


What’s your favourite Lorna Jane to wear while you’re pregnant? Let us know in the comments below! 



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