Oh Nom Nom: Turmeric and Coconut Porridge

There’s just something about porridge… you know that warm, comforting feeling of gobbling down a warm bowl of oats on a cool winters morning?

Well… This Turmeric and Coconut Porridge is no exception. Not only does it taste flippin’ amazing, but it packs a serious punch in the nourishing stakes. Whoever said porridge was boring needs a serious talking to, because we can’t seem to get enough of this versatile breakfast buddy.

Someone else who loves oats/porridge just as much as us is our fave foodie, Rhi Mack. We were delighted to receive an email with the words COCONUT and TURMERIC in the one sentence, and on immediate opening, we were greeted with this bowl of YUM (thanks Rhi Rhi). porg_2

The unique factor of this breakfast delight is good ol’ cancer kicking, inflammation fighting and health promoting Turmeric. Having been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in Indian culture, Turmeric is known primarily as an anti-inflammatory with enormous potential. It may treat everything from atherosclerosis to arthritis and not to mention it is a powerful antioxidant, assisting your body as a super free radical scavenge, which we know of course as a major beauty benefit. Paired with our love for all things coconut, this combination was destined to be a match made in MNB heaven.

Enough of the porridge talk, let’s eat!

Turmeric and Coconut Porridge



What’s your magical way to jazz up your morning porridge?


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